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‘Miss Charlie Is Growing Up’: Tammy  Rivera’s Daughter Charlie Reveals She Got a Tattoo of Her Mother’s Name 

The general public may view Charlie Rivera as a loving daughter following the permanent action she took to display how much her mother, Tammy Rivera, means to her. 

The 17-year-old revealed in an Instagram post shared on Aug. 10 that she got Tammy’s full name and birthdate tattooed on her chest. Although the timeline of when Charlie got the tattoo is unclear, the high schooler revealed why she decided to dedicate her first tattoo to her mother. 

Miss Charlie Is Growing Up': Tammy ?Rivera?s Daughter Charlie Reveals She Got a Tattoo of Her Mother?s Name?
Charlie Rivera reveals that she got a tattoo of her mom Tammy Rivera’s name and her birthdate on her chest. Photo:@tammiesangel/Instagram

She wrote in the caption, “Tattoo your name across my heart, so it will remain not even death can make us part.” 

Following Charlie’s post, Tammy commented on the upload, using various emojis to describe her emotions. The list included a shocked face, a frown face, a weary face and pleading face emojis. 

As the images started circulating online, many brought up how much Charlie has grown.

“She growing up I can’t take it.” 

“Wait she grown grown now? Omg”

Tammy Rivera with her daughter Charlie Rivera (Photo:@charliesangelll/Instagram)

“I can’t believe how grown up she got. Tammy’s twin.” 

“Miss Charlie is growing up man.”

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned how much they loved Charlie and Tammy’s relationship. While pointing out how priceless a daughter’s love is for her mother, one wrote, “A daughter’s love for her moms is priceless.”

Another said, “Mommy daughter goals. I hope me and my daughter will have this wonderful bond.” A third social media user posted, “I know that’s right. The bond is immaculate!”

This post comes weeks after Charlie celebrated her 17th birthday. On July 1, Charlie was given a Mercedes Benz by her stepfather, Juaquin “Waka Flocka” Malphurs. Alongside the lavish gift, Waka dedicated a post to Charlie. 

He wrote, “My baby officially 17 today. Charlie already like I’m moving out condo in buckhead, car, businesses, and her new life lol y’all know me i’m like pump ya breaks lil lady you ain’t 25 yet. Happy birthday my angel face daughter!!!”

Tammy also took to her respective Instagram account and wished her daughter a happy birthday. She said, “Y’all help me wish the love of my life, my baby @tammiesangel, a Happy 17th birthday! Can’t believe I have a 17-year-old child.”

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