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Update on ‘Missing’ Witness In the Tory Lanez Court Case

While it had been reported that Megan Thee Stallion Pete’s former bodyguard Justin Edison went missing right before his scheduled testimony in the Tory Lanez court case. It turns out Edison was simply working as a bodyguard during the just-concluded FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

It is now obvious why no one reported him missing and why police did not consider him a “missing” person, as noted by TMZ, because he was never lost. 

Justin Edison and Megan Thee Stallion. (Photo: Daily Loud/Twitter)

A source close to Edison told Media Take Out, “Justin was hired as personal security [for a very important person] and is currently in Qatar while [the person he is protecting] is at the World Cup.” 

Justin Edison in Qatar. @justwatchprotection/Instagram

The close protection specialist was supposed to testify during the Tory Lanez court case Friday, Dec. 16, as a key witness in Pete’s case, however, the hired protector did not show up and had the LAPD searching for him. 

TMZ reported, “We’re told investigators’ goal was to find out what Justin’s availability would be for testifying, as he was supposed to last week.” 

Pete’s attorney, Alex Spiro exclusively told “TMZ Live,” “Meg’s team was last in touch with Justin on Thursday night, when they fully expected he would be in court Friday for the testimony they felt would be devastating to Tory’s case.” 

It was reported by AcesShowbiz that Edison’s job length won’t allow him to be back to the United States in enough time to testify. 

“Justin won’t likely return to the United States until Thursday, Dec. 22, at the earliest. Unfortunately, by then, the trial will have concluded,” the blog wrote. 

While Edison’s job may be in the way of him testifying in court, Pete’s ex-best friend, Kelsey Harris, testified last week, beginning on Dec. 14.

During her testimony, Harris invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination by not answering certain questions about the July 2020 incident.

According to TMZ, Spiro suspects “witness intimidation” is happening behind the scenes of Lanez’s trial which prosecutors have begun to investigate. On Monday the judge in the case denied a prosecution motion to add a witness tampering charge against Lanez.

Though Harris shied away from answering a few questions regarding Lanez shooting Pete, the Instagram model did state that she had an argument with Pete after finding out that they both had been romantically involved with Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson. 

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Harris said, “He’s [Lanez] just saying that they had a relationship, they were having a relationship. An argument ensues and just continues. Me and her are arguing about her disloyalty.” 

As the trial continues to unfold, only the jury will be able to determine how this all ends. 

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