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‘I Ain’t Have No Conversation with Nobody’: The Game Responds to Fans Calling Out Dr. Dre for Not Including the Rapper In the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Performance

After hip-hop influencer and sometime manager Wack 100 claimed that Jay-Z banned The Game from performing at the 2022’s Super Bowl’s halftime show, the Compton rapper took to social media to speak on his own behalf and clear the air of what he calls “negative conversations.”

Super Bowl LVI incorporated some of the greatest hip-hop voices in its mid-mark mini-concert. Curated by Jay-Z, who has signed a deal with the NFL to help produce entertainment segments for the league, the concert included Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and Dr. Dre. Outside of Lamar and Blige, all of the acts that performed were signed at one point of their careers to the “Chronic” producer.

Dr. Dre and Game during 2004 Vibe Awards – Show at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California, United States. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage for Vibe Magazine)

Snoop Dogg was signed to Dr. Dre at Death Row Records, a label that he most recently purchased, and Eminem and 50 Cent were signed to the executive at Aftermath Records.

Aftermath produced an additional star, The Game, who was not included on the bill. Fans took note of his exclusion, especially, since the “In The Club” rapper wasn’t slated to be on the show and shocked millions when he emulated his 2003 video by performing the hit suspended upside down.

Wack 100 hopped on Clubhouse posturing as an insider and commented on why The Game was not included.

The former gangsta said why he believed that Game wasn’t on the show, “Game told him to s**k his d**k like 18 albums.” Wack alleges that the RocNation founder is still holding a grudge.

After hearing this, The Game replied on his Instagram by posting a graphic that read, “Don’t nobody speak for ‘The Game’ except ‘THE GAME.’ I ain’t had no conversations with nobody regarding Jay-Z & the Super Bowl he put together.”

“I don’t feel no way about not being included,” he further wrote. ‘It was a great show featuring iconic artists. It was a win for the culture.”

In his caption, he informed his fans that he was also busy working on his new music and helping Kanye finish his next project, “Donda 2.”

Fans responded saying they missed his presence at the football game.

“@losangelesconfidential should have performed at Super Bowl with @drdre I mean this is LA,” one person put in their Insta Story.

Another story read, “I believe Big Brother Jay @losangelsconfidential should’ve been in the halftime show too.”

“Personally I wanted to see you out there. I thought it woulda been nice to see u n fif do how we do or hate it or love it,” guap_d15 wrote.

Another fan got a little nostalgia commenting, “Imagine you and 50 reunited there though.”

The Game captioned, “I control my own narrative. Do not be fooled by the internet, blogs, podcasts, or anyone speaking on my name that is not me.”

“Leave me & my name out of any NEGATIVE conversations unless I have given you a REAL reason to include me !!!” he says as he dispelled any beef notions between him and Jay-Z. “Hov’ continues to break down doors for the culture & I am in full support of anything & anyone who is on the help side of urban greatness.”

Some commended him for rising above the mess and being positive about the entire situation, “Man the caption was well said, could not have said more real and G’d then that..”

Focused on his new music, “Drillmatic” and “Numaniti,” it seems that The Game has far too much going on than to get caught up in a beef between Wack and Jigga.

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