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‘He Sprouted Overnight’: La La Anthony Fans Shocked, Can’t Believe How Much Son Kiyan Has Grown

La La Anthony and her son Kiyan had fans cracking up at their latest TikTok. The beloved mother/son duo hopped on a trend where people rock their hips to the “If I Got To” Jersey Club Remix created by @LilSnatched_. 

Starting the video off by pretending to shoot her son as the beat dropped, Kiyan began rocking his hips as Anthony hyped him up. Not too long after, it was the 43-year-old’s turn to rock her hips while Kiyan hyped her up. 

Kiyan and La La Anthony @lala/Instagram

They soon fell into unison dance moves for the remaining four seconds of the video. 

“Me and my bestie [red heart] @kiyananthony” The TV show personality turned actress captioned her video. 

Their video received 1.8 million views and over 1,000 comments. Most of the comments were discussing how big the now 15-year-old has gotten. 

“When did Kiyan grow up!? [sad emoji] he’s so tall”

“D–m! It seems like he sprouted up overnight!”

“He was just a baby! They grow up so fast!”

Other comments applauded Anthony’s seemingly healthy relationship with her son. 

“I love these two and their relationship. I hope they both continue to prosper and remain the best of friends.”

The “Power” actress always makes sure to show love to her only son every chance she gets. Her Instagram page is filled with comical videos or photos of them being hugged up next to each other. 

Before this latest upload, Anthony uploaded a series of photos at Kiyan’s basketball game where he played against LeBron James’ two sons, Bronny and Bryce James. This full-circle moment comes 21 years later following LA Lakers players LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony’s basketball showcase during their time at the same high schools their sons now attend. 

Although Kiyan’s school Christ the King High School was defeated by the school attended by James’ sons, Sierra Canyon High School, Anthony noted that she “couldn’t have been more proud.” 

Another one of Anthony’s most recent posts with her and Kiyan was a post on Nov. 14 where she shared news that Kiyan was offered a scholarship from the same college his father which his father played. 

In proud mama bear fashion, Anthony called Kiyan her “hero” and said, “I Love You & I Will Always Be Your #1 Fan.” 

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