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‘Healing Is an Interesting Thing’: La La Anthony Talks Healthy Co-Parenting with Carmelo Anthony

La La Anthony opened up to the ladies on “The Real” while discussing her co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband, Carmelo Anthony.  

La La and Carmelo Anthony were married in 2010, and had one son together, 14-year-old Kiyan Carmelo Anthony. The actress filed for divorce in June 2021. She and the NBA star separated in 2017, following rumors of his infidelity, before reconciling in 2018.

La La Anthony (L) says son Kiyan (R) is “too protective.” Photo: @lala/ Instagram

After host Adrienne Bailon asked her how she balanced everything during her divorce, Anthony said she focused on her son while being mindful of making the experience easier for him.

“A lot of times as parents we don’t really truly understand how our kids are watching and seeing how we handle everything. I love Kiyan’s dad. We made Kiyan and he’s a beautiful person and one of my best friends, and I want Kiyan to be able to see that even though we’re not a couple, we can co-parent amazing and he was made from love.”

She added that she wanted Kiyan to see that he has a loving family with two loving parents and is surrounded by love. “We are a reflection of him and vice versa,” she added.

She spoke of still having moments of hurt “to this day,” adding that, “Healing is an interesting thing. When you think you got it all figured out, it pops back on you.”

Anthony also shared her love for motherhood while appearing on “The Tamron Hall Show” last June, and spoke on balancing a career as a mom.

“@avelasquezlala Anthony is balancing it ALL! And what’s her most important job of all? Being a mom!”

The “Power” actress said her son is always her priority and that everything else falls into place. Kiyan turns 15 on March 7.

“As long as I prioritize him first, which he’ll always be first over anything I’m doing,” she said. “Then kind of everything else falls into place after that. But Kiyan comes before any job or anything at all times, and everyone I work with or anyone who’s a part of what I’m doing knows that.”

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