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‘He’s the Perfect Mix of Both Parents’: Carmelo and La La Anthony’s Son’s New Haircut Has Fans Saying He Looks Like the Both of Them

La La Anthony took to Instagram on June 20 to showcase her son Kiyan Anthonys new look.

La La, who is currently going through a divorce with Carmelo Anthony for his allegedly cheating and fathering another child, shares the 15-year-old with the Los Angeles Lakers player.

?He?s the Perfect Mix of Both Parents?: Carmelo and La La Anthony?s Son?s New Haircut Has Fans Saying He Looks Like the Both of Them
La La Anthony’s son Kiyan Anthony debuts a new look. Photo:@@lala/Instagram

In the post that was first uploaded on Kiyan’s TikTok page and later reposted on La La’s account, Kiyan is seen showing fans his natural hair in what appears to be his bedroom before he places his hands in front of the camera. 

Following the transition, Kiyan reappears on screen, this time with a low fade. In addition to the recording, the 39-year-old expressed in the caption how mature her son looks following his haircut. 

La La wrote, “My handsome boy cut all his hair off Now he looks 18 not 15 I see you @kiyananthony.” As the video made its round online, many couldn’t help but notice how strongly Kiyan resembles both of his parents. 

Carmelo Anthony, La La Anthony and Kiyan Anthony
(L-R): Carmelo Anthony, Kiyan Anthony and La La Anthony (Photo:@carmeloanthony/Instagram Photo:@lala/Instagram)

“Perfect mixture of both of his parents!”

“He looks exactly like Carmello and Lala. Like exactly.”

“So handsome. He is the perfect mix of them.”

“Look just like his momma and pops.”

“He’s such a good mix of you both!I can see both parents in his face! He is a gorgeous youngsta.”

Among the comparison remarks, others brought up how much Kiyan has grown. One wrote, “It’s really wild watching strangers kids grow up and you feel like you’ve known them for their whole lives.”

Another said, “These kids just grow up so fast!!! Whew. I’m gettn old….”

While jokingly mentioning they would have to fight someone’s daughter, a third social media user said, “Internet Aunties we gonna have to fight someone’s daughter. Wow he grew up right before our eyes.”

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