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‘She Just So Happened to be Sitting In My Assigned Seat’: LeToya Luckett Reveals How She First Met Beyoncé and Fans React

LeToya Luckett recently disclosed during her YouTube series “Leave it to LeToya” how a sitting mishap in school changed her life forever. 

In the video shared on July 26, the 41-year-old recounted how she met her former Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyoncé while walking around her hometown of Houston, Texas. 

LeToya Luckett, Beyonce
LeToya Luckett reveals she first met her former Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyoncé after the “Me, Myself and I” singer accidentally sat in her seat in elementary school. (Photo:@letoyaluckett/Instagram) (Photo:@beyonce/Instagram)

While filming in front of St. James Elementary on mark 7:03, LeToya revealed her first encounter with Beyoncé occurred because the “Me, Myself and I” singer accidentally sat in her seat.

She said, “Okay guys, we’re where it all started. This is my elementary school St. James School. This is where I met Beyoncé…On B’s first day of school, she just so happened to be sitting in my assigned seat. I pointed that out to the teacher: ‘She seems to be misplaced; she’s in my seat.’ And the teacher, Mrs. Western, she told me to go find me a seat, you know, I was late, so I missed my spot.”

LeToya shared that after informing the teacher that Beyoncé had taken her seat, the pair immediately took a liking to each other because of their interest in music. “Anywho, B and I end up talking after class, and you know, over time became very familiar with each other. She saw I had a love for singing, and she was doing ‘Star Search,’ big things. I was in a group with my cousins at the time. So we’re both doing our thing.”

LeToya later added that Beyoncé asked her to audition for her father, Matthew Knowles, which she did days following the star’s suggestion. After the audition, LeToya joined Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Roberson in Something Fresh, formerly known as Girls Tyme.

The group’s name would change for the last time in the late 1990s to Destiny’s Child, after they signed a recording contract with Columbia Records. Following Destiny’s Child’s success, LeToya and LaTavia ultimately left the group in 1999.

LeToya wrapped up that video segment by encouraging her fans to stay in school because “good things happen.”

As fans viewed the clip, many mentioned how LeToya and Beyoncé’s seating mishap was fate.

“Lol @letoyaluckett part of destiny fr.”

“It was part of destiny!”

“Thank God you came late, because you and B Met! That was fate!”

“It was a blessing in disguise.”

“Beyonce was on time, it was destiny. You both are amazing.”

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