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‘Bonnie Did Your Makeup?’: Joseline Hernandez’s New Look Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

Joseline Hernandez’s recent makeup look raised a few questions for fans. The Puerto Rican princess showcased her face with glitter eye-shadow, bubblegum pink lipstick, and bright blush. 

Hernandez’s look matched her silk pink outfit which was paired with a bubblegum pink colored jacket and a darker-shaded pink mini bag. 

The mom of one uploaded a video of her in the ensemble as she enjoyed a night out in Hollywood Miami which later transitioned to her being in Miami Beach with partner Robin “DJ Balistic Beats” Ingouma. 

The song, “Put on a Happy Face” by Marilyn Maye was playing in the background of her video, and Hernandez could be seen obviously feeling her look in the Instagram reel. 

Bonnie Did Your Makeup?': Joseline Hernandez?s New Look Has Fans Scratching Their Heads
Joseline Hernandez. (Photo: @joseline/Instagram)

“Put on A #happyface @finesseusstudios 👛👑👚🌸🎀💘💝💓💗 #doitlikeitsmybday,” She captioned her post. 

While Hernandez was met with a lot of comments in awe of her beauty, there were several comments confused about her choice of makeup. 

“Bonnie did your makeup Joseline?”

“I think her baby did that makeup because what?”

“Who did her makeup? Cancel them please”

Just as negative comments found their way onto her page, so did comments rallying up in her defense issuing that people leave her alone. 

“Can’t people just let her be!! She looks regular and I like this side of her”

“Y’all know Joseline don’t gaf what none of yall got to say about her makeup right?”

“It’s called natural beauty, something a lot of y’all in the comments don’t know about [rolling eye emoji]” 

Hernandez is known not just for her quick clapbacks and reckless mouth on ”Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” but also for her carefree beauty choices. She recently rocked an all-green lace matching set and paired it with green bra-like top with green lace-up knee-high boots. 

She matched red bedazzled eyeliner with her green getup and called herself “the Grinch.” 

Fans can keep up with Hernandez’s different looks on her Instagram.

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