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‘It’s Never Too Late to Discover Your Gift Baby Girl!’: T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Harris Says She Wishes She Had a ‘Talent or a Hobby’ Like Her Family  

Deyjah Harris candidly opened up about the pressures she felt coming from a multi-talented family.

Deyjah is the daughter of rapper and actor Clifford “T.I.” Harris and the stepdaughter of Xscape singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris. The blended family of seven consists of some musicians, including Zonnique Pullins, Domani Harris and Messiah Harris. While the youngest in the clan, 5-year-old Heiress Harris has a YouTube channel and sings.

Deyjah Harris opens about the pressures of coming from a multi-talented family and shares she’s still figuring out her gifts. (Photo: @deyjahimani/Instagram)

Deyjah disclosed in a tweet shared on Nov. 20 that she wishes she were as talented as her family members. The 20-year-old wrote while insisting she will “find a new hobby” by next year, “I wish like …. I wish that I had a talent or hobby lol… like how my siblings and parents are into music.”

She added, “Some of my other siblings are really artistic. drawing/painting, singing/dancing, hell graphic design, something I’m gonna see if I can find a new hobby by February.” As fans viewed her post, many suggested that Deyjah pursue modeling, culinary and start a YouTube channel.

At the same time, other people sent well-wishes to the star as she figures out what she desires to do. One individual even stated that Deyjah doesn’t have to follow in her family’s footsteps.

“You’ll find your niche. It won’t always be the same as your family. You can also find this in the things you love to express creatively.”

“It’s never too late to discover your gift baby girl! You got this!”

“Sometimes our gifts, talent or purpose aren’t always tangible. You should try to write down all things you enjoy that comes naturally to you. Those things that you find and love doing that’s where your gifts are.”

“You will find your calling and when it comes you will know.”

As Deyjah’s tweet went viral after being posted on several social media blog sites, the influencer thanked everyone for their “thoughtful words.” She said, “I thank you all for your kind and thoughtful words. I wasn’t expecting this tweet to be posted, but I hope none of you feel bad or sorry for me I was just simply tweeting my thoughts/speaking my truth.”

Deyjah added, “I’m honored and appreciative of the different things you all (on here as well as Twitter) suggested, though! (: I will definitely keep them in mind… we’ll see where life takes me also; happy early Thanksgiving to you all + your loved ones.”

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