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‘The Chemistry Is Definitely There’: Jennifer Hudson and Marlon Wayans Plot Their Next Project on Her Show, and It’s Obvious to Fans It Should Be Becoming a Couple

Marlon Wayans and Jennifer Hudson‘s undeniable chemistry became a topic of conversation recently after the duo attempted to plan out their next potential project on the singer’s talk show, “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

Hudson and Wayans previously worked together in 2021’s “Respect.” The film was a biopic of the late legendary singer Aretha Franklin. In “Respect,” Hudson played Franklin, while Wayans portrayed the role of Franklin’s first husband, Ted White. Franklin and White’s alleged violent relationship was showcased in the movie.

Marlon Wayans and Jennifer Hudson’s fans bring up how much chemistry the pair as they discuss plans about a possible future project. (Photo: Jennifer Hudson/YouTube)

On Oct. 24, Wayans asked Hudson when they would do another film together before grabbing her hand, which had her EGOT ring, and kissing it. He said, “When we doing another movie together, you are not about to floss your EGOT ring.”

A blushing Hudson responded to Wayans’ gesture by telling the audience members that’s how he regularly acts around her. The 41-year-old said, “This is Marlon all day.”

Immediately after Hudson’s comments, Wayans claimed that he was the one that predicted that she would earn her EGOT status, which occurred earlier this year when she won a Tony Award for “A Strange Loop.”

He said, “Look at that. I told her, she was going to do this. I told you!”

As the conversation went on, Hudson said she is “on a roll” because Wayans wasn’t the only actor to predict her achievements. Hudson revealed that her “Dreamgirls” co-star Jamie Foxx said she would win an Oscar for her role as Effie White, which she did in 2007 for Best Supporting Actress.

She said, “See, I’m on a roll. It was Jamie Foxx who told me I was going to win an Oscar, and you told me I was going to win an EGOT.”

The talk show host continued her statement by saying she needed another movie husband to foresee her future. “So I need another movie husband to tell me what I’m going to win next, and then maybe I could collect it.”

Following Hudson’s remarks, Wayans suggested he could be that contender in a different film. He said, “Well, when we do another movie together, then I could tell you.” Further in the interview, Wayans began pitching a possible movie idea with Hudson, which included a project inspired by actor Billy Dee Williams and actress Diana Ross.

While mentioning that he wants his next role with Hudson to be a comedy compared to 2021’s “Respect,” Wayans said,” We should do more movies together… We should be like Billy Dee Williams and Diana Ross.”

Marlon Wayans and Jennifer Hudson. (Photo: @marlonwayans/Instagram)

Wayans added that he wants to switch film genres with Hudson because of the beautiful moments they did have while filming “Respect” aside from the violence.

“I think there were parts of ‘Respect’ that were so beautiful when you see, like, this connection. It was like the romance, and then it got violent. We got a little creepy and dark. I just want to remove that violence and add some comedy.”

The video ends with Hudson praising Wayans for his brilliant mind and for being an overall good person.

As fans watched the clip, many bypassed the possibility of Wayans and Hudson working together again and mentioned their intense chemistry.

“Their chemistry is the sweetest.”

“The chemistry is definitely there it’s so thick you can cut it with a knife I love the way they respect each other’s space so beautiful too see.”

“How are these two not a thing.”

“The entire time I was watching the segment, all I could say was…’they make a great couple!’ Chemistry was overflowing!!!”

“They’re cute together.”

Although it is unclear if the pair have been romantically together, Wayans did share in 2019 during an interview with TMZ how much he enjoyed locking lips with Hudson. When asked how was kissing Hudson for the film “Respect,” Wayans claimed it was like kissing “an angel.” 

He said, “Amazing…You ever kissed an angel? I did. Amazing, her breath was amazingly fresh. Her lips were like pillows. It felt like I was kissing a cloud. It is everything you wished it would be. I don’t want to let her know how good the kiss was, but I think I just did. It was probably the top three kisses.” 

As the conversation shifted to what he liked most about Hudson, Wayans said it was her “warm, sweet soul.” Toward the end of the video, Wayans mentioned that Hudson’s powerful voice physically turned him on.

Aside from fans hopes and aspirations, Wayans is reportedly expecting a child with a woman named Brittany Tarajha and Hudson is reportedly linked to rapper Common.

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