‘When We Know Better We Do Better’: Yandy Smith-Harris and Stepson Mendeecees Jr. Address Her Turbulent Relationship with His Mother

In the past, Yandy Smith-Harris and Samantha Wallace‘s feud has been heavily documented on Vh1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” Samantha is the mother of the reality star’s stepson Mendeecees Harris Jr

One of the reasons why both women were at odds was because Samantha accused Yandy and her husband Mendeecees Harris of creating lies on the show to make her look bad. The pair’s drama ultimately led to a physical altercation during the season 7 reunion in 2017.

During the Sept. 19 episode of “LHH: NY,” Yandy and Mendecees Jr. addressed the past feud after Mendecees Harris expressed that he wanted to have a family dinner with Samantha after her engagement. In the show, Mendeecees Jr. opened up about how Yandy and Samantha’s turbulent relationship affected him over the years. 

While bringing up his father’s past remarks, Mendeecees Jr. said in a confessional, “So the last thing that my dad said to me before he left is son keep this family together. That’s what he told an 8-year-old me. He wants all of us to feel love, and he just wants to bring in the whole family so I can’t really blame him and I do understand him. But I just think everything has its time.”

As the clip transitioned to a scene featuring Yandy, the 16-year-old reiterated his previous remarks by telling his stepmother that the women shouldn’t rush the healing process. 

He said, “I just feel like there’s no need to rush.” Yandy agreed with Mendeecees Jr by saying, “I said the same exact thing.” Mendeecees Jr. continued the conversation by disclosing that he feels his father doesn’t understand how bad things got between the women when he went to jail in 2015 for drug trafficking charges. 

Mendeecees Jr said, “I don’t think he realized how bad it was from being inside. … What had happened at the reunion when my mom was physically touched I was young having to see that on TV, having my friends see that.” 

Following Mendeecees Jr.’s statement, Yandy apologized for her actions. In addition to the apology, the 40-year-old expressed she didn’t know how intensely the feud affected Mendeecees Jr. 

During a confessional, Yandy said, “In the midst of going through all the attacks, I did not think about what effect it would have on little Mendeecees. So hearing that, he knew what happened. Hearing that they were talking about it in school, he was in elementary school, that breaks my heart, and it really does make me feel bad. ” 

The clip ends with Mendeecees Jr. and Yandy agreeing that it is too soon to try to bring both women together for dinner. 

That same day while promoting the show with a preview clip, Yandy expressed in the caption how she still needs to grow in “some areas” before fully making amends with Samantha. 

She wrote, “A lot has changed in 5 years. There’s been a lot of growth and then again some of us (me) haven’t grown in some areas. Tonight 8pm on @vh1@loveandhiphop see me battle myself on a long overdue meeting I didn’t want to have.”

As fans viewed the recording, many pointed out to Yandy that things would work out between women with time and patience. 

“It all takes time, we all continue to grow everyday, don’t be so hard on yourself.”

“Ma’am, when we know better, we DO better, so keep being real, keep being a blessing to errbody, and God Got You!”

“It’s time to heal and let things go. Yandy is this man wife and has held him and his children down. Break the cycle and begin a fresh start. Hopefully it goes well. I’m always team @yandysmith.”

“I think there needs to be therapy and healing. We grow daily and we can do better daily. I pray that there can be unity for the kids. It should always be what’s best for the kids.”

“You got this @yandy. Praying that you all can come together in peace. “

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