‘I Got Up and Left’: Mendeecees Harris Blindsides Yandy Smith-Harris with a Group Dinner That Includes the Mother of His Child Samantha, Despite the Star’s Past Reluctance

Mendecees Harris found himself in the hot seat during a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” after setting up a group dinner with his wife, Yandy Smith-Harris and his ex Samantha Wallace and her partner without permission from his spouse. 

Wallace is also the mother of Harris’ son Mendeecees Harris Jr. Harris brought the two women together because he wanted them to patch things up following the physical altercation that went down during the season-seven reunion of “LHH: NY.”

Mendeecees Harris blindsides his wife Yandy Smith-Harris by inviting the mother of his child Samantha Wallace to dinner. Photo:@vh1loveandhiphop/YouTube

While entering the restaurant with Smith-Harris, and his son Mendeecees Harris Jr., Harris said, “I brought you here right because I wanted all us all to get together, Mendeecees’ mom and her boyfriend, and become one.” Smith-Harris reacted to the news by saying, “Then you spring it on me.”

As Harris claims to have withheld information because he suspected that she would have negatively reacted to the situation, Smith-Harris said, “When you say I want to go out to eat, come meet me and I come meet you…Mendeecees, you don’t make that decision for me. I feel like you should have told me. You don’t just throw somebody in a situation. You don’t.”

Smith-Harris later explained in the confessional that she got upset at Harris’ actions because she wanted to mentally prepare to talk to Wallace about the infamous fight that occurred in 2017, so that they could move on.

She said, “Me being blindsided right now has me livid. Like, come on, this is a straight violation…Like I wanted to prepare my mind for something like this, I wanted to know what I was going to say. I already told Mendeecees I did not want to have this dinner right now.”

As Wallace and her partner made their way to the table, all was well until the fight was brought up. Harris started the conversation by saying, “Thank you for coming,I appreciate y’all both taking the time out being here. It means a lot.”

Wallace gladly accepted Harris’ kind words and suggested that the blended family needs to get through some things, to which he responded, “I’ve been home for two years now, me and you good, but we haven’t all sat down together all on the same page.”

Following Harris’ comments, Smith-Harris claimed that she would rather leave the past “buried.” She said, “I feel like some things that are buried should stay buried. I feel like we good. I don’t know that I have anything to discuss and the families already I feel like back together.”

When Wallace accused Smith-Harris of being the root cause of all the problems between them, Mendecees Harris Jr. chimed in by saying that he would hate to see both women he loves and admires get into another altercation.

The 17-year-old said, “Can I say something real quick? I would just hate to see the most important women in my life just go at it again and again after five years. For it to be finished just for it to happen again, I don’t need that, like I definitely don’t need that.”

(L-R): Samantha Wallace, Mendeecees Harris Jr., Mendeecees Harris Photo:@callhersam/Instagram

He added while leaving the table, “My thought process is just bring me back to when I was younger and what happened back then so I’m not feeling too well. I seen the tension, and I got up and left.”

The conversation continued with Smith-Harris denying she was the issue and claiming the overall problem was the fact that Wallace allegedly accused the couple of creating lies to make her look bad to the public.

Wallace said that she is still not over the situation because of how Smith-Harris’ family member attacked her during the reunion. She said, I just feel like at the end when you had your cousin fight me, pull my hair. I felt that was extreme and that was disrespectful.”

Smith-Harris responded to Wallace’s comment by saying she didn’t prompt anyone to fight her, and she was in shock when the situation took place. She added that nothing she could do or say could correct the situation and she wanted to start on a fresh new slate.

Things came to a head when Wallace questioned Smith-Harris’ motives and both women began disagreeing and talking over each other. As the men simmered down the discussion, Wallace’s partner mentioned that she wanted to address the situation because she has suffered some trauma.

Wallace ended the discussion by saying she wanted to set an individual meeting with Smith-Harris to squash their feud because she recognized that having that particular conversation at dinner would ruin everyone’s mood.

Immediately after the dinner, Smith-Harris confronted her husband in the restaurant’s parking lot. She said, “What was that about?” When Harris claimed that the sole reason he set up the dinner was to bring everyone together, Smith-Harris said, “You don’t do nothing like that in front of me. Don’t do nothing like that right there in my face; tell me what I’m walking into. Don’t blindside me like that.”

Smith-Harris wrapped up the conversation by telling her husband what irritated her more about the dinner was how Wallace pointed out what she did wrong instead of thanking her for helping raise Mendeecees Harris Jr.

“The whole time she told me ‘Oh but you did and you was the problem.’ Guess what? I was helping raise your son you ain’t got to give me an apology but what you should have gave me was a thank-you. I should have heard a thank-you from you and I should have heard a thank-you from her. You dropped the ball.”

Harris closed out the clip by saying that he understands that Smith-Harris was upset that she wasn’t alerted about what was going on, but he didn’t regret his decision.

He said, “I understand that Yandy’s upset because I sprung this on without talking to her first. I can handle Yandy being mad at me for a day or two, but if this means bringing my family back together, I can handle that.”

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