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‘Lmao, the Way She Ran Away’: Keke Palmer Fans In Stitches Over Throwback Video of Her Fangirling Over Michael Ealy

Keke Palmer
wants to know why a throwback video of her being embarrassingly starstruck by her ultimate celebrity crush, Michael Ealy, is making its rounds on Twitter. 

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(L) Keke Palmer @keke/Instagram (R) Michael Ealy @themichaelealy/Instagram

In the video it showed Palmer, whose formally known as Lauren Keyana, on the set of her 2014 reality TV show, “Just Keke” speaking to her audience about how handsome Ealy was and how she came to take a liking to him. 

“I mean Michael Ealy is so fine I have to just take a nap on him. Whenever I see a picture of him I just immediately knock out because he’s too fine, and it really make me sad because I did my first movie with him ever which was Barbershop 2 and I was nine so he’ll never ever see me that way that I want him to see me y’all.”

As soon as Palmer finished her rant about her “blue eyed baby” he walked right on stage with a bouquet of flowers in his hand waiting for his number-one fan to notice. Gasps came from audience members, which prompted the then 20-year-old to look over her shoulder and notice him walking in her direction. 

Before Palmer knew it, her body sprinted to the other side of the couch in an attempt to find a safe spot to hide after unknowingly confessing her love to him.

Although she might have been nervous, the “Nope” actress quickly snapped back into professional mode as she blushingly walked over to Ealy, giving him a huge hug. 

“Now why y’all bringing up old s— [laughing emojis” Palmer wrote after quote tweeting the video. 

Palmer’s tweet was met by additional Ealy-loving fangirls who expressed how they would’ve behaved if the situation happened to them.

“I would’ve sprinted out that studio like I was the dad on Maury.”

“Lmao, the way she ran away from him because I would’ve done the same thing.”

“Nah I would do worse, maybe jump over the couch and hide.” 

Palmer has been in Hollywood for nearly 20 years, her hardworking drive has allowed her to achieve great milestones at such a young age such as being the youngest talk-show host in television history. 

The actress just announced her own TV network, “KeyTV,” where she will be giving a platform to people of color who want to share their creative voices. 

Palmer has been working nonstop since she stepped foot in the entertainment industry at nine years old. 

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