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‘Never Carry the Weight’: Keke Palmer Talks Colorism In Hollywood and Gives Advice to Dark-Skinned Girls

Keke Palmer has dealt with her fair share of experience with colorism from critics on social media and even shut down competition rumors with a lighter Hollywood star. Now the veteran actress is lending advice to Black girls who may share her journey. 

Earlier this summer, the “NOPE” actress quickly pointed out the problematic occurrence after Twitter users suggested that actresses like Zendaya have garnered more “success” due to her lighter complication. The “Euphoria” star is biracial, born to a white mother and a Black father. The “True Jackson VP” quickly addressed the Twitter debate, stating, “A great example of colorism is to believe I can be compared to anyone.” 

In a new interview with Porter, the Primetime Emmy Award-winning star opened up about the topic stating that conversation around colorism was happening more often than revealed. “A lot of time, those topics are a lot more intricate, with regards to access and resources,” she said. “I think the lack of information we get on the industry contributes to that.”

The “Hustler” star shared useful advice, citing her own journey. “In my position, the biggest thing I want to tell all little girls is to never carry the weight of being Black, or being dark-skinned, as something that’s going to hold you back,” she said.

As she looks into a new decade ahead, Palmer shared, “My 30s are probably going to be better than my 20s… There was a lot going down [in my 20s], but you learn so much. You feel so grown, but you’re really still a kid – learning and figuring things out.” She added, “I’m looking for my 30s to be a breeze.” 

The 29-year-old, who garnered the name Keke “Keep a Bag” Palmer, is embarking on a new venture in her entertainment career with the launch of her new network, KeyTV, which aims to spotlight a new generation of creators. 

In an Instagram post, the multitalented star wrote, “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, but this is what I’m most proud of. Y’all always say I keep a job, now I’m making sure we ALL got one.” She added, “Sharing the keys to the culture is my greatest gift – this is for you & for us, from me.”

Palmer’s new digital network KeyTV will officially launch on Nov. 3, 2022. 

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