‘My Parents Gave Up Everything’: Fans Show Support to Keke Palmer After She Thanks Her Parents for ‘Their Sacrifices’ Ahead of Three Movie Releases

Veteran actress Keke Palmer is crediting her mom and dad for her recent achievements. 

The former child star took to her Twitter account on Thursday, Feb. 10, where she took the time out to praise the parents she revealed to her 1.9 million followers “gave up everything for me.” The 28-year-old also vowed to “work till I can’t no more to assure that their sacrifices weren’t in vain.” 

Echoing a sentiment expressed by many aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs on their social media platforms, “The generational curses shall be overturned in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!” the actress, who embraced her online nickname “Keke ‘Keep A Bag’ Palmer,” declared. 

Palmer’s shout-out to her parents comes on the heels of three major film announcements in just one week. The Emmy-winning actress will be starring in the Pixar animated film “LIGHTYEAR,” premiering on June 17. Fans will also be able to catch the “Hustlers” star in the Krystin Ver Linden directed drama thriller “Alice” as an enslaved woman in 1800s Georgia who, after escaping her plantation, learns that it’s actually 1973.

The actress will star alongside award-winning emcee Common, “who helps her as she reclaims her life.” The film is set to hit theaters on March 18. 

Lastly, Palmer is set to star in Jordan Peele’s third and highly anticipated film “Nope” alongside award-winning actor Daniel Kaluuya and “Walking Dead” actor Steven Yeun. The film hits theaters on June 17.

Fans applauded the actress for acknowledging her parents amid her success, including one user who wrote, “PREACH! We ready for Nope & all your other 500 projects that’s gon drop this year!”

Another person commented, “Love her! She has a very positive spirit so she’ll always be blessed!” “Her Parents did a great job of raising a beautiful well mannered queen! Only right she honors them,” wrote a third.

According to a report from Net Line, both of Palmer’s parents, Larry and Sharon, were professional actors before taking up full-time jobs, and they later supported their daughter when she came to them about dreams of becoming an actress. 

Palmer was met with hesitation when she insisted they move to the mecca of stardom, Los Angeles. Still, she was persistent, and eventually, her parents decided to move after finding casting directors who wanted to hire the aspiring star. Palmer’s mother told USA Today, “It wasn’t just her wanting to do it. It was that, along with so many other people in the business telling me.”

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