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‘That Boy Got the Barry White Voice Now’: Fans React After Mendeecees Harris Uploads a Video of His Son Completing His First Green Screen Scene

Mendeecees Harris Jr. made his first appearance on reality television in 2013, as a youngster after being featured on “Love & Hip Hop: New York” alongside his father, Mendeecees Harris.

Flash forward to the present day, the 16-year-old accomplished a milestone: filming his first green screen scene with Mendeecees for an undisclosed project. On April 28, in a TikTok uploaded on Mendeecees’ account, the reality star shared his son’s initial reaction. 

Mendeecees Harris shares a video of his son Mendeecees Harris Jr. working on his first green screen project. Photo:@mendeecees/TikTok

Mendeecees said, while panning the camera from side to side, “All right, look who we have on set today. Today he did his first green screen. How’d it go.” Mendeecees Jr. responded as he squinted his eyes, “amazing.” When the 43-year-old began questioning the teenager about whether he was shy while shooting the scene, Mendeecees Jr. replied “yeah,” while repeating the similar gesture with eyes.

The discussion between father and son took an abrupt turn after Mendeecees called out Mendeecees Jr. for his squinty eyes. He said, “What’s wrong with your eyes? Why you closing your eyes? Why he be closing his eyes?”

Mendeecees added, when his son claimed his squinted eyes were a model look, “That’s a model look. Come on, man, he’s trying to make his eyes small.” As the entrepreneur’s post circulated online, many were shocked by how much Mendeecees Jr. has grown.

“Awe hes grown up so fast he is so handsome his daddy twin lol.”

“Omg lol I am old that boy got the Barry White voice now lol.”

“Lil Mendecees with the deep voice. I remember when he was like 6 or 7 on LHHNY.”

“Time is flying he is growing upppp.”

“Not his voice being that deep!! Sheesh, we getting old.”

Among the previous remarks, others reiterated Mendeecees’ comments about his son’s eyes. One wrote, “Dawg black parents say anything… not ‘He tryna make his eyes small.'” Another said, “Not tryna make his eyes small.”

A third person wrote, “Yo, what’s wrong with ya eyes?”

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