‘When ‘Somebody’ Said Something About Reginae Tip Was The First to Step All The Way In:’ T.I. Calls Out ‘Friends’ and Others Who Failed to Speak Up When His Family Was Being Attacked Online, Fans Are Split

Rapper T.I. is disappointed at the lack of uproar from friends and others after defending his son King against what he calls a cancerous person. The rapper got into a heated online exchange with YouTuber Charleston White, who joked about King’s looks and challenged him to fight in a video. The 18-year-old responded with words of violence on his Instagram story, revealing that White called the police on him and others. When T.I. spoke up, White hit back with death threats and other unsavory remarks.

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, the “Paper Trail” artist said he sat down to “meditate and unpack the circumstances” of what took place. He’s appalled his family was attacked online, and even more appalled others haven’t spoken up on his behalf.

“This the second time I’ve seen my family attacked and I’ve seen social media weaponized, used against us by the enemy. This the second time,” T.I. said in a video. “Both times I watched the community have absolutely nothing to say on our behalf. I watched friends or people who we say are friends. I watched people we’ve donated our time, effort, energy, resources, and attention to, look on.”

The 42-year-old was speaking on behalf of himself, his wife, Tiny Harris, and their seven children. He also noted his philanthropic contributions to various organizations, in addition to his financially taking care of housing for those who can’t afford it and bailing others out of jail when their family members could not.

“None of these organizations, none of the leaders of these different communities. Nobody. Nobody thought to stand up or speak on my family’s behalf when we being attacked,” said T.I. “Nobody. Never. Not once … Al ight. That’s where we at with it? Let’s let it stay there.”

T.I. turned off his comments on the video but that didn’t stop people from voicing their opinion on the matter online. A handful touched the rapper’s song lyrics, while others blamed him for not holding his son accountable. Here’s what a few had to say. 

“Maybe cause they don’t agree with his kid acting gangster when he didn’t grow up in that life except for his Pops lyrics he memorized. Stop it.”

“He needs to check his son. Cause his son is out there wildn. He too young to be trying to square up on some OGs. It’s his son’s fault period! Handle it at home Tip!”

“You need to speak out on your own family’s behalf. Stop excusing your son’s behavior. He needs to be corrected.”

“Get your son some help instead of playing victim.. yall family been accused of hurting others too.”

“You and your wife track record these last couple years has been horrendous ain’t nobody foolin’ wit y’all like that let alone stick they neck out for y’all… gone on.”

But T.I. was not alone as many shared his sentiments on sticking up for his family. One person said, “His son wasn’t bothering Charleston yesterday! Charleston attacked him via social media, therefore his father responded (as he should). The Harris’s were minding there own black business yesterday!”

A second wrote, “I would agree with ppl on this but TI has helped so many ppl that it’s sad no body can even just be there for him or his right now. That’s why I always say people are only there when it benefits them.”

One individual brought up how quickly TIP jumped to defend Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, after internet personality DJ Akademiks called her a “b——.”

They wrote, “Tip ain’t wrong at all here … not at all. Cause when ‘somebody’ said something about Reginae tip was the first to step all the way in the sauce for that. Just stating the facts.”

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