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‘He In Love with Diamond’: LisaRaye’s Reaction to Kountry Wayne Being Starstruck Has Fans Doubled Over with Laughter 

LisaRaye McCoy and comedian Kountry Wayne made headlines last month after a video of the pair dancing poolside along to Wayne Wonder’s hit single “No Letting Go” went viral.

Despite the frenzy McCoy and Wayne’s link-up caused on social media at the time, no additional details regarding the clip were released to the general public until Oct. 5.

In an Instagram post shared on the actress’ page, McCoy and Wayne share what seem to be a skit of them meeting for the first time to talk about working on a future project. The clip starts with McCoy and her assistant Stacey J hugging and embracing Wayne’s cousin, Whitney Phillips.

Following the greeting, Phillips introduced Wayne to McCoy. While hugging McCoy, Wayne asked the 55-year-old, “How you doing?” McCoy replied by saying she was doing well while asking what name he would like to be called.

She said, “I’m good, how are you? What do I call you Wayne, Kountry Wayne, KK?” Wayne responded, “You can call me whatever you want to call me, how you know my cousin? She had told me she had met LisaRaye. She normally don’t meet nobody. I don’t know how she go straight to Lisa.”

Immediately following his remarks, Wayne briefly stopped his statement to introduce himself to McCoy’s assistant Stacey J. The conversation quickly picked back up after McCoy began raving over Wayne’s good looks.

The actress said, “Oh, Look at you, you’re so handsome.” A blushing Wayne returned the compliment by calling McCoy “beautiful.” He said, “You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful and all.”

Further in the discussion, the “Cocktails with Queens” co-host was seen admiring Wayne’s light brown eyes and smile. Following the praise, Wayne brought up the series he plans to pitch to Netflix. The 34-year-old claimed that he first thought that Phillips was lying about knowing McCoy and possibly asking her to be involved in the project.

He said while pointing at Phillips, “I’m sorry, I know you came to talk about the series or whatever. But she been lying ever since she was young. I’m saying when she said she met you the other day and you was interested.”

Wayne added, “I don’t know what made her bring that up that was probably God. It’s just to meet you, and it’s like you know you, you? I’m just saying you, LisaRaye, for real. You will be perfect for the role.”

When McCoy and her assistant asked for more details regarding her upcoming role, Wayne began to stumble over his words. He said, “We can talk about all. It’s a series where I meet this lady. It’s about love.”

Upon receiving McCoy’s approval for the storyline, a tongue-tied Wayne continued staring and smiling broadly at the actress as they tried to discuss more about the project. Toward the end of the video, Wayne invites everyone into what appears to be his home while asking his cousin for information about the project.

He said, “What’s the name of the project again?” Phillips responded, “Love Waynes, you’re pitching it to Netflix.” Following Phillip’s reply, McCoy jumped in and said, “Love Waynes, I like the name that’s cool you came up with the name?”

Wayne responded that he did. McCoy went on to ask the YouTuber if he was looking for love. He said, “Well, I wasn’t looking. Sometimes you just keep looking.” McCoy wrapped up the recording by saying she was “single and not searching.”

In addition to the post, McCoy wrote the caption, “When Wayne meets Lisa Raye #God #Jesusispoppin#Jesusbeenpoppin #kountrywayne#letthatsizzleinyourspirit#helpisontheway #love @kountrywayne.”

As fans viewed the upload, many expressed how starstruck Wayne was when meeting McCoy.

“Damn lisaraye what in the hypnotizing magical hoodoo stuff you did to him. His brain completely went to mush when he met you.”

“Girl that negro was STAR STRUCK FRFR Jesus he done lost his mind!! Lisa don’t do these brothers like that!!!”

“If star struck was a person this vid is too cute.”

“Star struck he in love with Diamond you know you, You..”

Among the previous responses, others brought up McCoy’s “single not searching” comment, which is named after her new film. One wrote, “Lol.. she said, I’m single not searching! That’s a good one.. I have to remember that!” Another said, “‘Single not searching’ lol on the real. She is all that … all due respect. Classy all the way.” A third social media user stated, “It’s I’m single not searching for me.”

Since that post, McCoy and Wayne have collaborated on various videos on his Youtube page.

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