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‘Tamar, This Really Isn’t About You’: Tamar Braxton Claims ‘It Wasn’t Shade’ After Fans Suggest She Attempted to Steal Moment from ‘Big Brother’ Winner Taylor Hale

Fans are calling out Tamar Braxton for seemingly throwing shade at “Big Brother” winner Taylor Hale. She’s the first black woman to win the reality competition series in 24 seasons following its first Black winner, Xavier Prather, in season 23 last year. Many celebrated Hale’s historic win and showered her with congratulatory messages online.

“Tonight Taylor Hale made ‘BB’ History. Becoming the first Black woman to win ‘Big Brother,'” tweeted a fan page of the NBC show. “She did it for herself but also in honor of all the black women who played ‘BB’ and sadly were not given a fair shot at the game. Congrats and thank you Taylor for this victory.” The tweet also included a heart emoji and the hashtag #BB24.

However, fans in the comments are confused by Braxton’s response, which was captured by The Shade Room. The singer wrote, “Whew! But congratulations,” paired with the thinking face emoji.

Some called the fellow “Big Brother” “shady” among other things for stealing the shine from Hale’s historic moment. “Petty and looking for attn is what it’s giving,” said one person while another wrote, “Tamar this really isn’t about you…” A third individual added, “The shade is clearer than the sky.”

For those who recall, Braxton is the first Black house guest to win “Celebrity: Big Brother” season two in 2019. Fans reminded the Grammy winner that her version was for celebrities, while Hale won the CBS series among other individuals in the regular version.

“Celebrity Big Brother is not the same! Just say congratulations lol.”

“Celebrity big brother and the original big brother two different shows! Let this woman have her moment.”

“Girl, celebrity big Brother and the main one are two different things. Tamar, come on.”

“Don’t be that girl Tamar you know what they meant. Also you played for 3 weeks and she played for 3 months. Let’s not do that.”

“I think Tamara is confused… Tamar was the first black woman to win OVERALL, Taylor is now the first black woman to win in the main series.”

“I’m rooting for everyone black. But I was confused on this, lol.”

After seeing the backlash, Braxton returned to the comments to say her message didn’t show shade at all. She wrote, “It wasn’t shade but go awf. Over everyone thinking I have a problem with everything and everyone.”

“Big Brother” has a long-standing history of allegations of house guests making racist, bigoted remarks toward Black women or women of color, as reported by TMZ. The show also has a history of guests saying other outlandish and horrific things, which some call bullying. There’s also a record of guests using racial and homophobic slurs and mistreatment toward Black contestants.

Braxton dealt with her share of mishaps during season two of “Celebrity: Big Brother,” including an alleged physical altercation with another house guest, Lolo Jones, who viewers deemed as a “racist.” The show also helped end her feud with fellow singer and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss.

Hale’s experience on season 24 was not far removed. Prather and more fans spoke up about her mistreatment in July. He alleged she dealt with “micro-aggressions and unconscious biases” and possibly felt “ostracized within the Big Brother House for simply existing.”

Afterward, “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves gave house guests the benefit of the doubt in an interview with E!’s “Daily Pop.”

The talk show host said, “Micro-aggressions are real and they happen. I don’t think most people when they are committing it, that they are even aware of what they’re doing.” She later added, “Who is anyone to judge somebody else?”

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