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Tamar Braxton Dishes on How Life Is About to Get Better After Winning ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Years After Firing from ‘The Real’

Winning “Celebrity Big Brother” went beyond taking the grand prize for Tamar Braxton — it was a win for her life.

The singer explained to Entertainment Weekly that ever since she was controversially let go from “The Real” in 2016, things have been tough for her. And a glimpse at some headlines over the past few years explains why.

Braxton battled rumors of her husband’s infidelity in her marriage Vince Herbert, and she filed to divorce the music manager in 2017. The home they shared with their young son, Logan, was rumored to be up for sale that fall as well. It finally went on the market in April 2018, Variety reported, and sold for $9.25 million that August. It is $1.25 million less than the $10.5 million the couple bought the 15,016 square-foot pad for in 2013.

tamar braxton

Tamar Braxton attends an MTV bash on Nov. 8, 2017, in New York. (Photo by MTV/TRL/Getty Images)

Since then, Braxton has found new love in the form of a mystery boyfriend who sent her a love note when she won Head of Household during the competition. And when she won the CBS reality show on Feb. 13, things really began falling into place.

“When everything went down with [being let go from] ‘The Real,’ a lot of things changed,” Braxton explained to EW in an exit interview. “And, unfortunately not really in my favor. But I’m grateful for the person that I’ve become from all the hardships that I’ve been through. And the growth that I have received from all the changes that has been made.”

Plus, the $250,000 grand prize will allow her to move her and her 5-year-old son into a home and out of the apartment they’ve been living in for the past year.

“My son and I are going to be moving to a house,” Braxton went on. “And every day he asks me to go back to his old house and that’s just not available to him anymore. And I promised him a month and a half ago before I moved into the house that mom will be working hard to not replace it, but build towards our future and getting us a new house. Because we do live in an apartment and that’s nothing that I’m ashamed of. Sometimes you’ve just got to start over to start right.”


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