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‘You Really Trying to Blame Us’: ‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Moonves Slammed for Her Response to Black Contestant Taylor Hale’s Mistreatment

“Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves’ reasoning behind the mistreatment of houseguest Taylor Hale is not sitting well with fans.

In a new interview with E!’s “Daily Pop” on the heels of the recent scandal, the CBS show host, who is of Chinese descent, acknowledged that “Microaggressions are real and they happen,” sharing that “I don’t think most people when they are committing it, that they are even aware of what they’re doing.”

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She added: “I think that with the live feeds, it is easy. I think what we need to do is ask ourselves, ‘Who am I? Who is anyone to judge somebody else?’”

Moonves, who is married to former CBS CEO Les Moonves, went on to seemingly claim that the display viewers have witnessed over the weeks, in what many critics online have described as “reprehensible behavior,” most notably carried out by contestants Alyssa Snider and now-former contestant Paloma Aguilar towards the 27-year-old personal stylist, is just the product of the environment. 

“We haven’t walked in their shoes. We haven’t been in the Big Brother house,” Moonves said, referencing the show’s format, where 16 strangers isolate in one house together. “We haven’t been in that pressure cooker situation. And a lot of times when someone is feeling insecure about themselves, or seeing another individual as a threat to their game, that’s when you see classic Big Brother ‘I’m going to trash talk someone behind his or her back.’”

Moonves’ comments garnered even more pushback to the mounting backlash. Many have flocked to their social media page, sharing their thoughts on the television personality’s response to the ongoing controversy. 

“Julie Chen you really trying to blame us for being Hypocritical when all we are doing is calling people out for being Assholes,” wrote one Twitter user. “BTW as you should know by now Big Brother is more than a game and shows people’s true colours, enough of your none-sense. It’s not a good look #bb24.”

Another person commented, “I know Julie Chen Moonves the lady who is sticking by her predator husband not talking about Twitter is the problem with #BB24. How about she hold the houseguest responsible for their terrible behavior and the network trying to cover it up. Like FOH Julie!”

In a separate interview with “Parade” magazine, Moonves, who’s been with the show since its premiere in 2000, shared, “What I think has been a little bit surprising is how Twitter and the internet has exploded in really jumping on someone, which I never like.”

The industry veteran doubled down on her previous statements on judgment, adding, “ I don’t think any of us are in any position to judge any other human being,” she said. “What I think Taylor has experienced in the house and what we’ve seen on the live feeds are separate from each other. A lot of it has been classic ‘Big Brother’ trash talk behind someone’s back because you feel threatened by them.” 

Since the premiere of season 24 of the popular show, fans have pointed out incidents of bullying involving Hale. The display has garnered reactions from many on social media, including a casting producer and former contestant Tiffany Mitchell.

Watching Taylor cry really broke me down,” the “Big Brother” alum shared. “I could never imagine what she feels like to be alone WEEK 1 when there are 15 other people in that house. It’s giving Kemi BB21.”

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