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‘She Don’t Want To Fight Me’: Mom of Mendeecees Harris’ Child Takes a Dig at Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith-Harris and Samantha Wallace are still feuding. Wallace, the mother to one of Mendeecees Harris‘ children, threw a jab at Smith-Harris via Instagram on Friday, April 17. The two reality stars from “Love and Hip-Hop: New York are publicly hashing out their differences nearly three years after their blowout.

The Season 7 reunion of “LHHNY” was filled with drama between Smith-Harris, Mendeecees Harris’ wife, and Wallace. The two women got into a heated exchange, and their fight spiraled out of control after Mendeecees’ sister defended Smith-Harris. Smith-Harris’ sister-in-law tried to fight Wallace, but the show’s security intervened and broke up the almost physical altercation. The 35-year-old Wallace was attacked by a member of the audience, who later turned out to be Smith-Harris’ sister.

(From left to right): Yandy Smith-Harris and Samantha Wallace. (Photos: @yandysmith/Instagram and @bellacanvasbeauty/Instagram)

Smith-Harris, a native of Harlem, claimed she did not know who attacked Wallace during the 2017 VH1 special. Wallace accused Smith-Harris of setting the whole thing up, and apparently still feels some type of way about the incident today. The Brooklyn beauty responded to a few fan comments on Instagram pertaining to her returning to the “LHHNY” cast.

Samantha Wallace sitting in the car (Photo): @Call_her_Sam/Twitter

A fan assumed Wallace was not allowed to return to the show after the brawl. She addressed the rumors, claiming that wasn’t the case at all. “Cant?😂 DON’T Want TO just not my lane; you live and learn,” she responded.

Samantha Wallace’s selfie (Photo): @urbanbellemagazine/Instagram

Wallace implied that Smith knew better than to physically assault her. “She also knows she don’t want to fight me😂,” she explained. When a fan mentioned that he saw Smith put her paws on Wallace a few years ago, she fired back by saying, “You ain’t seen sh-t 😂💪🏼 she knows better.”

Yandy Smith-Harris outside (Photo): @yandysmith/Instagram

The reunion drama stirred up quite a bit of controversy online. Many fans defended Smith-Harris’ character in the incident.

“But by the look on Yandy’s face, she definitely did not know her sis was going to run up, but she knew it was her sister,” one user said.

“Y’all can call Yandy a liar, but y’all CAN’T call her a SNITCH.”

“I’m dead Yandy is me 😂😂 like I don’t know what you talking about; I don’t know anything 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

A fourth fan wrote, “I’m not telling on my sister either. She didn’t plan it, but she knew who it was. “

“Yandy didn’t know; until they said there was a person who pulled her hair.”

A sixth user commented, “SNATCHED HER SOUL THAT’S WHAT SHE GETS 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

The mother of two has yet to respond to Wallace’s accusations.

Yandy Smith-Harris and Samantha Wallace hash out their drama on the Season 7 “LHHNY” reunion. Source: @VH1 Love & Hip-Hop/ YouTube

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