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‘I Thought This was Blue Ivy All Grown Up’: Saweetie’s New Look Derails When Fans Compare Her to Other Celebrities

“Tap In” rapper Saweetie is known for her crazy food concoctions as well as her ability to rock any and every hairstyle known to man. 

From a long blond wig, to a honey blond buzzcut, the icy queen has smashed numerous styles, and the next style in her lineup happened to be long, black braids with attached blue beads covering half of her braids. 

The 29-year-old shared her newest hairstyle on her Instagram page, which caused many fans to do a double take and compare her new look to other celebs. 

“For a very milli second I thought this was Rihanna lol”

“I thought this was Blue Ivy all grown up”

“This ain’t Saweetie, it’s Alicia Keys let’s stop playing”

Many fans also noted how versatile Saweetie is with her hairstyles and continued to state that she can rock any hairstyle. 

“I love how versatile she is, not afraid to rock anything that’s when you know you’re pretty! I love it.”

“Wait til she take them pis, it’ll look fly.. Saweetie gon make a way”

“She can do whatever she want, she look good regardless!” 

One of Saweetie’s most liked Instagram photos involved the reveal of her shaved head as she posed poolside in a pink bikini which quickly changed into a white one. Her photos reached over 1.37 millions fans who gushed over her new look.

In a recent interview with Power 106 Los Angeles, Saweetie talked about her single “Closer” which featured singer H.E.R, and candidly discussed how meditation inspired her to cut her hair completely off.

“Meditation, as crazy as it sounds because I just found so much clarity within myself I wanted to start over.” She continued, “I researched about hair and hair holds a lot of energy and I really wanted to just feel new and fresh with this new music, I won’t say new me, but this elevated me and I really just wanted to start over again.” 

Saweetie makes sure to connect with her inner self since she is usually booked and busy.

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