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‘This How You Supposed To Do It!’: Saweetie Spices Up Fans’ Timelines with Her Ramen Noodles Prep Method

Rapper Saweetie has many of her supporters wondering how she keeps her snatched figure after the star gave them a quick cooking lesson on preparing ramen noodles.  

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, the “Tap In” rapper took to her Instagram page, where she shared a video of herself preparing the dorm room staple. “Now, you not supposed to do this, but this is how I do it,” the 27-year-old could be heard saying in the clip. She is then seen pouring a sizable amount of hot sauce and salt into a cup of noodles. There were assortments of several other flavorings, including Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and garlic salt, just to name a few, but it’s unclear if she added the whole arsenal of products into the mix.

Saweetie shows her Instagram fans how to prepare ramen. (Photo: @saweetie/Instagram)

The Bay area native then drained the noodles right before saying, “Nobody showed me this, but I’m telling you. OK, so don’t tell nobody, all right. This how I do it.” Saweetie then drops the batch into a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos chips before digging in. “This how you supposed to do it!” the rapper captioned the 15-second video, which was viewed over 600,000 times.

Fans were stunned by Saweetie’s method and flooded her comment sections with questions and concerns. “😫 I don’t understand how you eat the way you do and have that stomach and body! I could neva 😩😩😩,” one user wrote.

Another person commented, “I just got explosive diarrhea watching this.”

Other fans claimed that the way Saweetie cooked her noodles was very reminiscent of penitentiary food, including one fan who wrote, “Giving me very much jail activities sis 😩😂‼️.”

Another said, “Saweetie have you been to jail? It’s giving very much Tuna buna.” 

Followers warned the rapper that eating meals like this on a regular could cause damage to her intestines. “Sis 😩😩😂😂😂😂you gone have the f–king bubble guts,” one person cautioned her. 

The “Icy” rapper has been leaving her 8.1 million Instagram followers in tears with her various silly antics. Most recently, she was spotted out jet-skiing while sporting swimming goggles and a shower cap. A fan noted, “If living my best life was a person,” it would be Saweetie.

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