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‘Black Women Are Beautiful, Period!: Saweetie Claps Back After Catching Heat for Not Defending Black Women Enough During ‘Colorist’ Discussion with Too $hort

Saweetie is clearing the air after critics on social media accused her of being a colorist following an old resurfaced interview featuring the rapper discussing mixed-race women and interracial relationships with fellow rapper Too $hort. 

According to TMZ, the conversation took place sometime in 2020 during which Too $hort revealed to the “Icey” emcee that “mixed heritage” women have always been his preference and that “I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that wasn’t mixed.” 

Saweetie fires back at critics after ‘colorist’ chat with Too $hort resurfaces. Photo: @saweetie/Instagram

The California native, whose real name is Todd Anthony Shaw, told Saweetie that his environment was essentially to blame for his exclusive interest in biracial women. The “Blow the Whistle” rapper grew up in the Bay Area of California, which consists of portions of nine counties, including San Francisco and Santa Clara and whose population is one of the most diverse in the nation

Too $hort continued, “I feel that way about life too like biracial babies are… you can take the two ugliest motherf—ers from different races and they f–k and make a baby and that baby would just be beautiful! It happens all the time!” 

Saweetie appeared shocked by the rapper’s comments and attempted to laugh it off before firing back in defense of Black women. However, her portion did not make the final cut that made its way around social media over the weekend — ultimately garnering Saweetie a hefty amount of backlash. 

However, late Friday night, the 28-year-old returned to social media where she addressed her critics and shared the entire conversation where she could be heard telling Too $hort, “I heard your comment about when people come together to make a beautiful baby but Black women is beautiful period on their own, with they own blood, you feel me?”

The “My Type” rapper added, “Since @idkthreat blocked me make sure y’all post the whole clip. Black women are beautiful period!” 

Fans of the Santa Clara native also came to her defense, including one Twitter user who wrote, “Can someone explain to me why y’all are dragging saweetie over comments someone else said?????!! QUICKLY.”

Another person commented, “how are people cancelling saweetie over something that too short said??? where is the correlation??”

“The Saweetie thing is a perfect example of how the people who care and who can be harmed by accusations are often the people targeted on Twitter,” expressed a third person. “How is the person who said the colorist thing not the focal point?”

Saweetie later reshared a fan-posted Q&A she did a while back, where someone anonymously asked the rapper if she thought that dark-skinned women could be pretty. The actress shared her reply which stated, “I was raised by dark skin women so I find this question insulting.” She added, “Wts I don’t think they can be pretty. I think that they are pretty.”

Saweetie captioned the post with one final message writing, “This shouldn’t even be a conversation but thank you for having my back baby. I’m going back to my shoot. Y’all have a Jesus blessed day.”

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