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‘Two of the Greatest Entertainment Icons’: ‘In Living Color’ Alums Jamie Foxx and David Alan Grier Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Fans

David Alan Grier began his late-night hosting duties on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday, Aug. 10. For his first guest of the week, the comedian and actor had the pleasure of speaking with his “former student,” Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx.

The two spent years working together on the hit comedy series “In Living Color,” and most recently on Foxx’s show “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.” After gushing over each other’s illustrious resumes, Grier recalled meeting Foxx at a comedy show in “the hood.”

Two of the Greatest Entertainment Icons': 'In Living Color' Alums Jamie Foxx and David Alan Grier Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Fans
Jamie Foxx and David Alan Grier reminisce about their time filming “In Living Color.” (Photo: @davidalangrier/Instagram, @iamjamiefoxx/Instagram)

“I thought you was Richard Pryor‘s like long-lost son,” said Foxx. “I thought you changed your name because you wanted to do it on your own steam.” Grier added, “That’s the best rumor ever.”

“I was so country, man, I ain’t know. You look like a big ol’ star to me,” the Texas native continued. “I remember I had a Jheri curl that was dry…I only had enough money to keep this part wet.”

Grier, 66, pulled out a high school photo to show the half-dry hairstyle Foxx calls the “California curl.” The audience applauded the “Project Power” star after he enthusiastically yelled, “You know what’s crazy? I love David Alan Grier.”

After expressing his admiration, Foxx pulled out a childhood photo of the Tony Award-winning actor, which he said he carries in his back pocket. Grier said, “I was seven years old, man. Look at my head.”

Afterward, the comedic duo began reminiscing on filming “In Living Color,” including one of their popular roles as barbers and in the “Poetry from the Hood” skits.”Young bucks,” said Grier, as the two shook hands in appreciation.

The audience gave Foxx another round of applause after he shared the inspiration behind their hilarious “Hood” skit performances. Viewers laughed hysterically at the pair poetically reciting lyrics to popular rap and hip-hop songs. The 54-year-old Foxx revealed his training came from attending the United States International University on a classical piano scholarship.

“You know what’s crazy? That came from a part of my stand-up, too, because…since I went to classical training in school,” he explained. “I would take hood … I keep saying hood. I would take hip-hop lyrics and say, ‘What if Snoop sung classical?” said the vocalist before singing the classical version of Snoop Dogg‘s “Gin & Juice.”

Foxx and Grier’s full interview is available on YouTube, where users in the comments praised their late-night comedic reunion.

“That was the best late-night interview I have seen. Kudos to Jamie And David. Well done,” said one person. Another wrote, “I love seeing Jamie Foxx and David Grier together. Bravo to ‘In Living Color’ for tapping into so much talented up-and-coming artists.”

A third person said, “I don’t know how many people nowadays are going to realize how historic this moment in television is. Two of the greatest entertainment icons sitting down for a chat. To me, this is better than John Stewart and George Carlin.”

A handful of fans were so impressed with Grier’s hosting skills that many suggested he have his own show. One person wrote, “David Alan Grier needs his own late night show!”

Another said, “Someone needs to give David Alan Grier his own talk show. He’s hilarious. I’ve watched him since the days of ‘In Living Color,’ and he is a comical genius.”

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