‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’: Jamie Foxx Returns to Sitcom Roots in New Netflix Show Executive Produced by Daughter Corinne Foxx

Multi-hyphenate Jamie Foxx is returning to his sitcom roots with the new Netflix series “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” Foxx’s daughter Corinne Foxx will executive produce the sitcom.

The Hollywood father-daughter duo has previously worked together on “Carpool Karaoke,” and co-hosted three seasons of “Beat Shazam.” Inspired by the close-knit duo’s real-life relationship, the show centers around a father who is navigating through the evolving relationship with his teen daughter while also finding countless ways to embarrass her. 

Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne Foxx are bringing more of their television star power to audiences with their new Netflix show “Dad You’re Embarrassing Me!” (Photo: @corinnefoxx/Instagram)

“We’ve been sharing our stories for years and now we can finally bring them to television! Thank you Netflix for giving my literal diary a place to live and breathe,” wrote the 27-year-old on Instagram. While the show will feature embarrassing moments she has lived through, it was still important for the show to have its own narrative not completely rooted in her and her dad’s real lives.

“We didn’t want him to play himself,” Corinne explained. So instead, Foxx portrays a single father who runs a cosmetic company. “What’s more embarrassing than your dad doing makeup all the time?” joked Corinne. 

In real life, her father was making big box office films, winning an Oscar for “Ray” and embarrassing Corinne by wearing a shirt with her face on it as he rooted for his cheerleading daughter at high-school sporting events.

“When you’re in the moment as a teenager and going through this stuff, it’s not funny, and you’re actually upset. But it’s so fulfilling to see how these stories have grown into something that my dad and I can cherish and love. This is our story, and it’s just like, ‘Wow, at least we went through all that for something!’ ” she added.

Foxx, who got his big television break on the sketch comedy show “In Living Color,” is teaming up with former castmate David Alan Grier.

“It really was surreal,” said Grier, 64, to Entertainment Weekly of reuniting with Foxx after three decades. “Jamie told me he wanted someone there that he knew he could pass the baton to… Jamie was there every minute, every day, encouraging me to do more and run with it.”

The show premieres April 14, but fans are already excited to tune in.

“Jamie and David?! Yasssss!! Been missing DAG a since Carmichael show ended & both are legends.”

“This might be a 🔥 show”

“This looks amazing. Love seeing black love. No drama, no hardships just love”

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