‘Y’all Crazy’: Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs Create New Late-Night Song After Omarion’s Latest Interview About Co-parenting

Leave it to up Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs to create a late-night jingle before going to bed. Apryl’s latest Instagram video showed the pair begging people to put their phones on the charger and leave them alone.

With Jones creating a beat using her hands, Jones and Diggs came together in unison as they sang, “Put your d–n phone on the motherf—g charger; put your d–n phone on the motherf–g charger.”

Y'all Crazy': Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs Create New Late-Night Song After Omarion's Latest Interview About Co-parenting
Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones @aprylsjones/Instagram

While Diggs pressed his lips together to form a beat, Jones slid into her own verse: “Don’t call him, don’t call me, don’t call us, don’t bother; so put your damn phone on the motherf–g charger.” 

“Don’t text us, we went to sleep, go cry to ma and father, put your damn phone on the motherf–g charger” Diggs sang, bouncing off of his reported boo’s verse

Backing up Diggs’ lyrics, Jones chimed in, “He said what he said, we said what we said, and now we ’bout to go straight to bed and put our phone on the motherf—g charger.” 

The song ended with its chorus fading out, with Jones adding, “You’ve reached the voice mail.” 

The video quickly reached over 40,000 Instagram fans on Jones’ page, from people who found it both comical and adorable. 

“Y’all two crack me up”

“That’s a hit right there, let me call the label! Lol”

“You know what, y’all crazy.. I love it! [laughing emoji]”

The unexpected duo caught the public eye after attending a holiday party together last December. Ever since, they have slowly grabbed the hearts of individuals more and more with every amusing video uploaded on social media.

Many fans have noted how refreshing it is to see Jones smile again after her very public split from singer Omarion seven years ago. The two have had their fair share of ups and downs concerning their co-parenting process, however, in a recent interview with The Shade Room Omarion discussed his and Jones’ current state. 

“We’re still in a transformative state. I’m the type of person that always likes to leave room for some new ideas, you know, different methods. I’m all for that, but we are in a transformative state right now.” 

Although Omarion confessed he has yet to be introduced to Taye Diggs, it looks as if the former couple is finally finding their own groove to co-parenting. 

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