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‘Give It a Little More Black, Give It a Little More Oomph’: Apryl Jones Hilariously Attempts to Coach Boyfriend Taye Diggs Through an Acting Scene 

Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs are back to their social media shenanigans.

The couple has seemingly found their goofy, sweet spot when it comes to sharing moments of their relationship together. Never one to disappoint fans looking for laughter, Jones and Diggs delivered in their latest video where the mother of two attempts to help the actor practice a line for a hypothetical scene.

?Give It a Little More Black, Give It a Little More Oomph?: Apryl Jones Hilariously Attempts to Coach Boyfriend Taye Diggs Through an Acting Scene?
Apryl Jones (L) and Taye Diggs (R) leave fans in shambles while testing the actor’s chops for a scene. Photo: Apryljones/Instagram.

Prefacing the video, Jones says that the “Best Man” actor always has her audition for roles, but this time, he’s the one trying to nail the role. “So what you’re going to say is, ‘What you not going to do is sit here and play me like I’m stupid,’ ” Jones said in the video. Wanting more clarity on who he is in the scene, she goes on to explain, “You’re in a relationship with someone who you just found out was doing something, like, you know what I mean. She’s basically sitting here lying to you and you know that you have proof and evidence and she’s like ‘No but I didn’t, I’m telling you,’ and you’re like, ‘No, what chu not gon’ do is sit here and play me like I’m stupid.’ ”

Seeming as though he understood the character and line, Diggs runs through it several times, and with each attempt he became louder, more aggressive, at times sounded like he was asking a question, and just overall missed the mark — something his girlfriend made sure to tell him. 

“Give it a little more Black, give it a little bit more oomph…more ethnic; is that the proper word?” said Jones. Further attempting to coach him along, she slid in, “Try to bring out — remember how you did me before?” Despite repeating the line several more times, it seemed as though the “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” actor could not, and likely would not, find his own groove in serving attitude and swag at the same time. 

“I was dying, they’re f—-ing hilarious,” commented a fan.

“They really need a show [laughing emoji].”

“NOT Apryl giving Taye acting advice…I [heart emoji] them together.”

“It’s giving Will and Carlton,” and “They seem like they have a lot of fun together [laughing emoji],” read a few of the video’s other comments.

Fans and Jones agreed that at times Diggs sounded less like a scorned lover, and a lot more like his CW “All American” character, Coach Billy Baker.

“He sounded like Coach Baker. He does not play with them kids. Seems like he nailed it on the first try to me lol,” wrote one fan. Diggs has played the football coach for four seasons on the hit show loosely based on former New York Giants linebacker Spencer Paysinger’s life. 

Several others couldn’t help but to be reminded of Diggs’ “Malibu Most Wanted” character, Sean James. “It’s giving Malibu’s most wanted,” and “Taye went back to Malibu most wanted,” wrote two people. 

The unsuspecting duo shocked fans when they confirmed their relationship in February. Since then, Jones and Diggs have proven that laughter seems to be the magic spark to their romance.

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