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Fans Drag Kirk Frost After He Claims It’s ‘Weird’ to See Lil Scrappy and Bambi Together Following ‘LHHATL’ Hot Tub Scandal

It looks like Kirk Frost may have put his foot in his mouth after speaking about Lil Scrappy and Bambi‘s relationship.

On Friday, Sept. 4, in a video uploaded to the VH1 YouTube channel, Kirk gave commentary on the infamous “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” hot tub scene from season 2, when he cheated on his then-pregnant wife Rasheeda Frost. The clip showed Kirk and his cast mates Benzino and Bambi hanging out together in a hot tub with two other unknown women.

Kirk Frost
Kirk Frost (left photo), Lil Scrappy and Bambi (right photo). (Photo: @kirkfrost/Instagram, @adizthebam/Instagram)

Benzino and Bambi were booed up, while everyone else was doing their own thing. When “LHHATL” producers asked Kirk his opinions on Bambi hanging with Benzino and then marrying Scrappy years later, the D-Lo Entertainment manager admitted it initially was a little odd.

“You know when Scrappy started to date Bambi, I actually was like, ‘She’s really a good chick, though,’” Kirk said, while watching the 2013 hot tub scene. “She was kind of watching out for me at that joint, even though it seems strange. Bambi was the one that was like, ‘Aye, get it together.’ She felt like a big sister. So she was chillin’. She was there, but she ain’t do nothin’ crazy. So I kind of feel like it’s weird to see them together, but I told him I could see them being together. We’ve talked about it before. I always thought she was wifey material. I would always say that about her.”

Kirk Frost
Kirk Frost and his “LHHATL” cast mates in a hot tub. (Photo: @VH1/Instagram)

Although the father of six seemingly didn’t mean any harm with his response about Scrappy and Bambi’s romance, the internet made sure to bring up his past cheating scandals.

“It’s weird seeing you and Rasheeda together after you dogged her twice on THIS national tv show 😂 boi bye”

“Its weird seeing you and your wife together after all the cheating. Smh lmao”

“It’s weird that you have babies outside of your marriage. Very weird.”

“What’s WEIRD is that you cheated on ya wife 23 times and yall still together..🥴”

Following the hot tub scene, Kirk and Rasheeda separated for a few months but eventually reconciled. He did cheat on his wife again a few seasons later with 29-year-old former stripper Jasmine Washington, whom he now shares a son with.

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost (left photo), Jasmine Washington (right). (Photo: @rasheeda/Instagram, @jasminebleu/Instagram)

As for the hot tub scene, Kirk said he regrets his behavior — while also placing blame on Benzino for his antics.

“Definitely have regrets watching it. It’s hard to watch,” Kirk noted. “I can’t even believe that I was on that type of sh-t, but damn. I think the relationship at that point in time, I kind of thought it was over between me and Rasheeda. And she was like, ‘Go ahead. Do whatever you want to do.’ Definitely wouldn’t do nothin’ like that today. I was hanging with one of my single friends who had me doing single man things, and definitely I regret it now.”

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