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YouTuber Charleston White Claims He’s Applying for Warrant Against Soulja Boy After Alleged Altercation, Rapper Laughs Off Threat

Conservative YouTuber Charleston White is claiming he’s taking legal action in his feud with rapper Soulja Boy following a pepper spray incident at Rolling Loud in Miami, Florida last month. However, the “Ricky & Morty” rapper believes the influencer has no grounds to go after him. 

White took to his social media platform last week with a video in which he was purporting to prepare a warrant application against the “Crank That” rapper and his artist Flo Malcolm for claiming the pair were threatening to have him killed. 

YouTuber Charleston White Claims He?s Applying for Warrant Against Soulja Boy After Alleged Altercation, Rapper Laughs Off Threat
Soulja Boy (L) and Charleston White (R). Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images, Say Cheese/ YouTube

In the clip, the content creator is heard telling an unidentified person on the phone, “If you could put those two on the police report, Soulja making threats of having me killed.”

From there, he seemingly contacts his publicist for “the course of action we need to take to file charges against an Atlanta rapper who threatened my life with guns on video.”

“We got video of Soulja Boy threatening to have people killed,” he continued. “I have video of another n-gga threatening and saying we banned. I’m finna see if I can get them niggas on RICO charges. I wanna press charges.”

Soulja Boy responded to the accusation in a statement to XXL, telling the outlet, “There’s no way he can press charges.” The Florida native added, “He the one [who] started shooting pepper spray. Nobody threatened him, just laughed at him on Live.”

He also shared an article covering the story with several rat emojis and a laughing while crying face, seemingly unbothered by White’s legal threats. 

The initial interaction happened on Friday, July 22, when Soulja Boy and his group reportedly attempted to approach the creative about disparaging comments he’d previously made about the rap star during a recent interview with Say Cheese TV.

White slammed the “Turn My Swag On” rapper. “F-ck Soulja Boy,” he declared. “Nothing about you is street. Let’s go back over your career, n-gga. You got rap rivalries. You ain’t got no opposition, n-gga.”

The two have since changed their version of events online and added a few more words to each other. Soulja Boy appeared on social media with a black eye shouting expletives. White admitted to spraying Soulja Boy but has maintained it was in self-defense.
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