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‘I’m Married. I Don’t Care Who Knows’: Wendy Williams Claims She’s Married Despite Reps Saying ‘This Is Inaccurate’

Wendy Williams has had followers going crazy over headlines in recent months, and that’s no different now with many wondering if Williams recently got remarried. Earlier this week, a TikTok user went viral for sharing a rare encounter with the former host of “The Wendy Williams Show” flashing a “gigantic” diamond ring.

“It’s so beautiful what do you have to say for the camera,” said a man’s voice behind the camera. Wendy responded, “Ahh he’s ok buying…getting stuff. I’m waiting for him to come back.”

?They Gave You Yo Money Back Girl?: Wendy Williams Fans Hilariously React to Video of Talk Show Host Shopping In High-end Stores
Wendy Williams spends the day luxury shopping while wearing a Fendi print dress. (Photo: @thewendyexperience/Instagram.)

Then, Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee held a live stream Tuesday, Aug. 2, where he revealed Wendy randomly called him to share the news. He said, “I get a call from Wendy and she says to me, “I’m coming to L.A. on Friday.’ I said, ‘okay’ and she says, ‘I’m married….I got married.’ “

Wendy allegedly said she got married last week to a New York City police officer named Henry. But reps told Page Six the rumors are not true. Willam Selby told the outlet, “That’s inaccurate. She is excited about a new relationship and probably got carried away in conversation.”

Selby is Williams’ manager and the executive producer of her upcoming podcast, “The Wendy Experience.” He added, “Wendy doesn’t wish to disclose details at the moment.”

Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter in 2019, after over two decades of marriage, a mistress and a love child. It was finalized in 2020, but Lee claims Wendy never mentioned an engagement during their appearance at the 2022 Met Gala Afterparty in March.

He had a face of disbelief when he said that Wendy told him she informed her team to keep her “entire family away” for at least a year, except her son, Kevin Hunter, Jr. He also shamelessly revealed he offered Wendy use of his three American Express Cards after she told him hers were not working. 

After Lee caught wind of Selby’s statement, he called Wendy, who doubled down, declaring that she was officially off the market.

“So yesterday when you called me yesterday and said that you were married. You know I posted that right? And now some guy named Will is talking to Page Six saying it’s bullshit making me look crazy out here,” said Lee in a recorded video.

Wendy responded, “NO! Everybody seems to have a problem with that. I’m married.” She continued, “I’m married. I don’t care who knows it. I’m married.”

From one TV personality to the next, Lee asked why Wendy’s team was trying to discredit the story he shared. She said, “Cuz Will sees no point in me getting married but you know what; f—k him. 14 years I’ve known him and I’ve always said, ‘F—k Will’…but in a good way.”

Wendy explained that Selby is the person who introduced the idea of podcasting to her. When offered his help and coaching, Wendy politely said, “No thank you.” 

In other Wendy Williams news, the daytime Emmy-winning host is preparing to host her first podcast, “The Wendy Experience.” However, there have been no updates on when she will officially launch. The podcast will follow up her long-running television series, “The Wendy Williams Show.” It was cancelled last month after 13 years, and the show host was not asked to participate in the finale.

Over the past few months, the 58-year-old also has suffered ongoing health issues stemming from her Graves’ disease diagnosis and thyroid issues. She’s also back to shopping at her favorite luxury stores after a conflict with Wells Fargo Bank.

As previously reported, Wells Fargo withheld Wendy’s funds after former manager Lori Schiller shared reports that Wendy was of “unsound mind” to manage her own finances. In May, a New York judge appointed an unidentified “financial guardian” to assist and supervise her assets.

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