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‘I’m Not Trying to be a Basketball Wife Anymore’: Tami Roman Talks Leaving ‘Basketball Wives’ and Wanting to Join ‘RHOP’ to Team Up with Karen Huger

It has been three years since Tami Roman last appeared on “Basketball Wives,” and the question arises: Does Tami miss being on the show? 

Therealitytvsource on Instagram posted an interview Tami had at the MTV Movie & TV Awards with “Entertainment Tonight” last weekend where she was asked the infamous question. During the interview she explained, “I do not miss Basketball Wives actually, and I think they are doing fine.” 

I'm Not Trying to be a Basketball Wife Anymore': Tami Roman Talks Leaving 'Basketball Wives' and Wanting to Join 'RHOP' to Team Up with Karen Huger
Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram

Tami continued by saying, “Everybody’s journey is different and I’m not trying to be a basketball wife anymore.” 

Fans swarmed the comment section rapidly and offered their thoughts and opinions on her answer to the burning question. 

One comment read, “I don’t blame Tami, she’s too real for that show.” and another said, “Yess Tami with the post basketball wives glow up. As much as I miss her on the show I don’t blame her one bit for not coming back.” 

When it comes to being a TV personality star, Tami Roman is no stranger to said lifestyle. 

Tami made her television debut in 1993 as a cast member on the show “Real World: California”. She later joined the cast of “Basketball Wives” in 2010 for the show’s second season. 

Over the years of the show’s run, Tami quickly became a fan favorite, so it came as a shock when she decided to leave the show in 2019 after its eighth season. 

Tami walked out mid-reunion after getting into a disagreement with her former cast mate and long-time frenemy Evelyn Lozada. 

Although that argument might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, it was only a fraction of what transpired over the years that prompted Tami to exit the show and leave for good. 

In a 2020 interview with Keyshia Cole on her show “One On One With Keyshia Cole,” Tami explained why she decided to make her exit, stating that she “stayed too long.” Tami also noted how 2016 was the show’s “demon seed” saying, “the whole dynamic changed.” 

Tami explained, “I just felt that I was coming on there and because they created characters out of us, they always showed one side of me.” 

While her “Basketball Wives” journey might be over, there’s still a ton of reality shows out now that she might make an appearance on.

In the Entertainment Tonight interview Tami joked about joining “The Real Housewives” franchise stating, “‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ would be the one I’d like.” she continued, “I love the grande dame, I feel like we could team up and let the other ladies have it.” 

This left fans excited and even gave some fans hope in seeing her on the popular reality TV show.

“Yessss please put her on Potomac!” one comment said followed by, “Tami and Karen the duo I never knew I needed!!”

Tami has been in the industry for a long time, and while her time on “Basketball Wives” might be over, there’s always a new journey of doors that lead to other possibilities.

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