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‘I Had to Take Control of My Life and Get My Power Back’: Tami Roman Discusses New Show, Past Shows, and How She Had to ‘Shift the Narrative’ to Where Blessings ‘Are Raining Down’

Tami Roman hopes fans will “support ya girl” as she takes on a new journey to hunt down cheaters in her new reality TV show, “Caught in the Act: Unfaithful.”

The former “Basketball Wives” star sat down with lifestyle host Britt Waters on “Good Morning Washington” and discussed how grateful she is for every opportunity that has presented itself in her path. 

I Had to Take Control of My Life and Get My Power Back': Tami Roman Discusses New Show, Past Shows, and How She Had to 'Shift the Narrative' to Where Blessings 'Are Raining Down'

Britt started off by noticing Tami’s growth throughout the years and how she’s kept tabs on the 52-year-old since her “The Real World” days. 

“I love that you’re at this centered place because we’ve grown with you. I’ve watched ‘The Real World’ and then you on ‘Basketball Wives’ and I was rooting for you when you were backstage interviewing at the BET Awards.” Britt shared. 

Noticeably grinning, Tami described how fans can continue to advocate for her and her future career plans. 

“Just support ya girl, it’s been a long time coming and I appreciate everybody that’s been rocking with me since ‘The Real World.’ ”

Tami continued to note how the projects she managed to be a part of were all opportunities she used to dream of and knew she was capable of taking on. However, she felt as though the platform where she could showcase her talents and skills were never presented to her in the past. 

“I had to take control of my life, get my power back, shift the narrative and now I just feel like the blessings are raining down where God has always wanted me to be.” 

Fans of the reality star turned actress praised her growth and accomplishments in the comments section. 

“Come on with the Tami takeover”

“I knew it, I knew you could do all the things,I’m so happy for you and Thank you for inspiring me..”

“You are truly walking in your blessing and we all love to see it”

Viewers also noticed how the star stayed on the move with a new job quest. 

“You are always working!”

“She stays booked and busy! Congratulations.”

“Okay, I see you working honey”

Fans of Tami can check out her new show July 18 at 9 p.m. on VH1 with back-to-back episodes.

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