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‘Tamar Say It Ain’t So’: Tamar Braxton Fans Expressed Disappointment in Seeing the Singer with Her Ex David Almost Two Years After Abuse Allegations

Tamar Braxton and her ex David Adefeso have been making headlines for their friendly social media exchange and appearance this past weekend at the Essence Festival following their split.

This situation is considered a bit controversial, at least according to the public, because of the abuse allegations that came soon after Adefeso and Braxton announced they went their separate ways. The former couple dated for two years, from 2018 to 2020. After the breakup, Adefeso went on to accuse Braxton of physically assaulting him while he was driving.

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

On July 3, the “Love & War” vocalist attended the event with Adefeso as she caught up with fans at her booth. In a compilation video shared on Braxton’s Instagram page, the 45-year-old was also seen exchanging gifts and signing autographs. Those who visited Braxton’s booth received a candle from her candle line called Intentions.

In addition to the clip, Braxton captioned the post, “Day 2 essence fest!! Come by don’t miss it set your intentions TODAY Shot by my brother @freddyoart.” As the upload circulated online, many expressed disappointment in seeing Adefeso with Braxton.

“I know I didn’t just see David.”


“Girl heck no. I know damn well that ain’t David behind you.”

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

“TAMAR say it ain’t so…I know we ain’t see David.”

“Why is David there with you? Very disappointed.”

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned the importance of minding their business following Adefeso and Braxton’s public appearance. One wrote, “See why it’s good to stay outta people’s business.”

Another said, “That’s why people should just stay out of situations like this cause they eventually get back together anyway.” A third social media user wrote, “Goes to show you, always mind ya business.”

Despite Adefeso and Braxton being together at the festival, no additional information has been released. This appearance comes weeks after Braxton wished Adefeso Happy Father’s Day on Instagram. She wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to all the men who showed up. I have an AMAZING father who loves all of his girls and SHOWS up even still today.” 

Braxton added, “Of course, I would be the one to proudly have 2 baby daddies. except it’s for only one child. @officialvincentherbert and @david.adefeso you both do a beautiful OUTSTANDING job at showing up for @loganland8 time and time again. He’s so blessed to have 2 daddies one from blood and one from spirit who loves him the same. You both have been a BIG support to not only him but me also. Thank you both for being heaven sent.”

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