‘She Looks So Refreshed’: Savannah James’ Casual Ensemble Has Fans Zooming In on Her Natural Beauty 

In the past, Savannah James has gone viral on social media for numerous reasons. The list includes beauty posts and family uploads that often feature one or all three of her children.

On July 1, the 35-year-old became a topic of discussion after blog site named Fashion Bomb Daily reposted a video that was originally shared by James’ hairstylist @tropixbraids weeks before of her showing off her new hairdo. 

Savannah James’ natural beauty stop fans in their track as she shows off her new look. (Photo: @tropixbraids/Instagram)

In the Instagram clip, James is seen posing for the camera in various places as she rocks her large gypsy braids in a colorful blouse and denim shorts. In addition to the recording, James’ hairstylist captioned the post, “When it comes to @mrs_savannahrj she doesn’t play Rocking her large gypsy braids.”

As fans viewed the video, many expressed how wonderful James looked. One fan shared that the mother of three’s beauty is “refreshing” because she doesn’t look like the typical woman on Instagram.

“This woman is just gorgeous.”

“Savannah is always perfectly attired and coiffed as required. Nice casual look on her, hair is (fire emoji).”

?She Looks So Refreshed?: Savannah James? Casual Ensemble Has Fans Zooming In on Her Natural Beauty?
Savannah James’ viral video that was reposted on Fashion Bomb Daily was originally shared on her hairstylist @tropixbraids page weeks before. @tropixbraids/Instagram

“Her beauty is so refreshing it’s not the typical manufactured IG build a bear look.”

“@mrs_savannahrj the hair , the fit , the skin!!!!! So gorgeous !!”

“Always classy not trying to be all on social media for attention . Just Gorgeous.”

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned how strongly James favored her 7-year-old daughter Zhuri James. One wrote, “All I see is Zuri. I’m just admiring her beauty than the clothes and hair.” Another said, “Zhuri Sr.”

A third social media user stated, “The way she copy-paste Zhuri.”

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