‘Bryce Is as Tall as Bronny Now?!’: Fans Can’t Get Over How Tall LeBron James and Savannah James’ Son Bryce Is Already 

Savannah James caught fans off guard after sharing a recent photo of her three children.

Savannah, who’s married to Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James, has two sons Bronny James, 17, Bryce James, 15, and 7-year-old daughter Zhuri James.

Savannah James’ photo of her three children Bronny James (left), Zhuri James(center) and Bryce James (right) has fans bringing up how tall Bryce has gotten. @mrs_savannahrj/Instagram

The commotion regarding Savannah’s image was because fans were shocked to see how tall Bryce is compared to his older brother Bronny, who stands 6 feet 2.

In the Instagram post shared on May 3, the trio was seen dressed to the nines as they posed for the camera in what appeared to be the family home. Alongside the photo, Savannah captioned the post with three red heart emojis.

As fans viewed the upload, many brought up Bryce’s height. The comments ranged from a couple of people mentioning that he will be taller than his brother to several individuals questioning when did Bryce hit a growth spurt.

“What the heck. Bryce was like 5’8 like a month ago now he 6’11 what happened ?”

“Uh oh Bryce about to pass up Bronny on the height!”

“But wait. Bryce is as tall as Bronny now?!”

“Bryce is going to be taller than everybody!!!” 

 “Look at Bryce!! He hit a growth spurt!”

Among the previous remarks, others expressed how quickly all of Savannah and LeBron’s children have grown since being introduced on social media years ago. One wrote, “Wow… the best thing about life is watching your little humans grow up.”

Another said, “These kids are getting sooo big, it’s crazy how you watch children grow up on social media.”

A third Instagram user stated as they mentioned Bryce’s height, “Awwwww, they are beautiful, but I swear I just blinked, and Bryce was in his chubby cute kid stage… how did he get taller than Bronny? Time moves too fast.”

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