‘My Husband Stayed’: ‘RHOA’ Fans Aren’t Here for Drew Sidora’s Answer to Kenya Moore Question

A number of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans are angry with Drew Sidora and the way she chose to answer a question pertaining to cast member Kenya Moore

The Neighborhood Talk posted a clip that showed Drew on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” where she was asked if she agreed with the similarity comparison Kenya made in episode four of the 14-season show referring to her ex-husband Marc Daly, and Drew’s current husband of nearly seven years, Ralph Pittman. 

(L-R) Drew Sidora, Kenya Moore Photo:@drewsidora @thekenyamoore

Drew answered the question and said, “I felt like Kenya was projecting in the moment..” Drew also said in reference to Ralph and Marc, “They are both from the East Coast so I can say there’s similarities but at the end of the day my husband stayed and so that is the difference.” 

After answering the question, Drew claimed that there wasn’t any shade being thrown and she continued to tell everyone in the room, “It takes two to have to work it out.” 

While Drew affirmed she wasn’t being shady, many fans felt differently. 

The comments section went up on the post. One comment read, “That’s not a flex Drew.” Another said, “it’s not giving what she thought.” 

Fans also ran to Kenya’s defense, with one saying, “Wow, Kenya was actually taking up for her. I hate when women weaponize having a man against a woman who doesn’t. Girl.” 

Another comment followed that said, “I’m confused I thought Kenya was sticking up for Drew.” 

Fans are referring to a scene in the fourth episode where Drew was asked why she hadn’t been wearing her wedding ring. The conversation ended up opening a can of worms revolving around Drew and Ralph’s personal issues

When Drew was asked if she was okay, she confessed, “Emotionally, I’m still dealing with the fact that we were even dealing with another woman, you know?” Ralph asked, “How do you finally get over it?”

Kenya decided to interject and gave her opinion: “time and reassuring behavior.” 

The conversation between Drew and Ralph seemed to have intensified, and Kenya stepped in for Drew and told Ralph, “…you remind me so much of Marc it’s crazy. She doesn’t want to feel invalidated. She doesn’t want for her to say something and you get defensive…” 

In the episode, Drew admits in the confessional, “Kenya’s actually communicating exactly how I feel,” she continued, “I hope Ralph really hears he could be doing some of the same things she experienced with Marc.” 

Drew and Kenya haven’t always seen eye to eye. Drew and Ralph were introduced on the show in 2020, for the show’s 13th season. 

In an “Entertainment Tonight” interview that took place in 2020, Drew explained how Kenya was one of the least welcoming cast members. Drew said, “She just didn’t take to me, the way I would’ve expected.” 

In the first episode of season 13, Kenya explained in her confessional that, “Seeing Drew I’m just kind of underwhelmed.” 

It seemed as if the two were finally starting to get along in the show, which was why it took fans by surprise to hear Drew answer the question the way she chose to.

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