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‘Girl Gon’ Keep Her Somebody That Is Going to be Newsworthy’: LisaRaye Catches Heat for Comments Regarding Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s Break-up 

The ladies of the “Cocktails With Queens” show had a lot to say regarding Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan‘s breakup. The dynamic duo shocked the world by ending their relationship after only a year-and-a half earlier this week. LisaRaye McCoy and her co-hosts discussed the topic on their show, as well as rumors that Harvey wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.

“I think that’s b—–t that they said she wasn’t ready because a person…when a woman finds a good person then that’s what you’re looking for,” McCoy explained. “But I will say that she’s young still.”

Girl Gon' Keep Her Somebody That Is Going to be Newsworthy': LisaRaye Catches Heat for Comments Regarding Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan's Break-up?
LisaRaye McCoy (L) and Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey (R). Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

The actress continued, “I too was looking forward to them making it because I thought, ‘Oh she’s been looking for someone to keep on her arm, to be able to have a relationship with, somebody that is meaningful and that’s successful. Because we know that the girl gon’ keep her somebody that is going to be newsworthy.”

Fellow co-host Vivica A. Fox chimed in, saying, “Well d–n LisaRaye.”

McCoy went on to say she was confident Lori’s mother, Marjorie Harvey, was “navigating” her daughter through this breakup and other matters in life, adding, “I think every mother should do that.” She also believes that “social media” played a role in why Jordan’s last “established” relationship ended. She said, “I heard about his ex, and him were so serious that he may have missed her.”

The Neighborhood Talk shared a clip of McCoy’s comments on Instagram, where fans in the comments clapped back at her for speculating about the breakup. Neither Harvey nor Jordan have publicly shared why they decided to separate, but both have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

“Neither one of them said nothing so everybody just sounds a mess.”

“So you friends with her mama and speaking on ha? Hmmmm messy.”

“Ppl just be coming up with their own conclusions lol.”

“A bunch of people who don’t know the intimate dealings of a relationship sure have a lot to say. But one thing is for sure a man at 35 and a woman at 25 are at two completely different points in their life. There is no telling what the true reason for their breakup was.”

“We don’t careeeee. That fine man is back on the market. That’s it, that’s all.”

Others began to speculate that Harvey and Jordan’s relationship was nothing but a PR stunt to boost their careers. “The amount of talk this breakup is getting is showing me more and more how this relationship was truly PR,” said one person. Another wrote, “People are reading too much into this their relationship was giving very much PR.”

Harvey has since removed all of her photos with Jordan on her Instagram page. The “Black Panther” star still has their photos posted on his page.

Despite opposing viewers, a handful agreed with McCoy about their breakup and referred to her famous role in the 1998 film “The Players Club.”

One person wrote, “Diamond ain’t speak no lies.” Another individual who mentioned Bernie Mac‘s character in the film said, “Dollar Dollar Bill COME GET ERRR,” which was also a Nicki Minaj bar aimed at the actress for a comment she about the rapper in the past.

One person went further by sharing the names of Harvey’s past suitors. That person wrote, “I mean we seen her (allegedly) with Memphis Depay, Justin Combs, then his dad Diddy, Future & Michael B. Jordan. So it proves her theory to be correct. LisaRaye told no lies.”

Another social media user wrote, “End of the story is Lori isn’t about it to settle, ladies get out early, woman stay way too long thinking it’s going to get better or one day he’ll make you happy.”

“Get out early” is the same message Steve Harvey claims he learned from his stepdaughter’s breakup with Jordan. During a discussion on his radio show, the father of seven said, “I mean it’s a breakup and I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine. People break up all the time.”

The “Kings of Comedy” star jokingly said, “I just wish I could have broke up without the cost factor with it. I got to start learning from my children. Get out early. I waited way too late. I got to figure this out.”

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