‘Pay Homage to the People Before You’: LisaRaye Hits Back at Trolls Fueled By Nicki Minaj Allegedly Dissing the Actress

Actress LisaRaye McCoy is making it known that she meant what she said about Nicki Minaj needing to show respect for female rappers who came before her.

McCoy further emphasized her position when co-signing singer Usher’s comment, “Nicki is a product of Lil Kim.” The hot topic comment landed on Minaj’s radar and found its way into her latest song “Trollz” with rapper Tekashi 69.

Nicki Minaj’s fans bring the wrath to LisaRaye for comments she made about the rapper. (Photo: @thereallraye1/Instagram @nickiminaj/Instagram)

On the record she raps, “Somebody usher this n–a into a clinic,” taking a dig at allegations of the singer spreading herpes to his intimacy partners.

The rapper then came for McCoy by referencing strip club owner Dollar Bill from the movie “The Players Club” in which the actress starred. “Dollar, dollar bill, come get her, even your man know Nickis do it better,” spit the “Super Bass” rapper.

Fans believe the last line was in reference to McCoy’s recent revelation that Nicole Murphy allegedly had an affair with her former husband Michael Misick.

The rapper’s legion of fans swarmed McCoy with comments on social, some even posting lyrics from the newly released song.

Nicki Minaj’s fans bring the wrath to actress LisaRaye for her comments about the rapper. (Photo: @thereallraye1/Instagram)

“Nicki making you cry baby ? Awwwww,” wrote one person on the actress’ video about participating in peaceful protests.

“yall see how she was wiping her tears in the beginning 😭😭? nicki made her cry 😂😂”

“Dont ever come for the queen. PERIOD❗️”

“Diamond did not beat Ronnie ass for this type of disrespect!! 😂😂”

The actress did anything but back down; instead she responded to several of the people trolling her on social.

“OMG I made it in another song. I must be hot. Thank you for sharing boo.” She also wrote, “There’s no teardown baby girl, I just want no beef between 2 women that’s in the same game and paving ways for artists after.”

While discussing the swarm of Barbz that lashed out against her on “The Breakfast Club,” McCoy had this to say:

“Pay homage to the people that is there before you. Of course i’m just saying that music shouldn’t be about a beef, it’s not mafia, it’s not gangster…that was the point that I was making.”

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