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‘I Thought This Was K Michele’: Keyshia Cole’s New Look Has Fans Doing a Double Take

Keyshia Cole appears to be letting go of things that no longer serve her.

The 40-year-old took to Instagram on May 31 to share an inspirational post discussing why loyalty should have an expiration date.

?I Thought This Was K Michele?: Keyshia Cole?s New Look Has Fans Doing a Double Take
Keyshia Cole’s motivational video derails after fans bring up how much the singer resembles K. Michelle. @keyshiacole/Instagram

In the upload, Cole, who wore a black tank top accessorized with a furry hat and jewelry, posted a video from her car ride that included a track that featured Steve Harvey advising an unidentified individual.

The track said: “Loyalty has an expiration date. The problem is when you’re the nice person, your loyalty lasts far longer to certain people than it should because their loyalty to you has been expired. But you being a good person, you hang on to friendships and become forgiving far longer than you really should be. Loyalty has an expiration date.”

In addition to the recording, the “Love” vocalist wrote in the caption, “Let it Goooooooooooooo SMILE true or not? You ‘nice’ or you stepping on necks?”

As fans viewed the upload, many overlooked Cole’s message and solely focused on her physical appearance. A handful of people expressed that the singer strongly resembled K. Michelle

 “I thought this was K Michelle y’all gotta leave them filters alone every once in a while.”

“Her and K Michelle really do favor.”

Keyshia Cole, K. Michelle
Keyshia Cole (left), and K. Michelle (right). (Photos: @keyshiacole/Instagram, @kmichellemusic/Instagram)

“I thought this was the new K Michelle. I had to double take.”

“She starting to look like k. Michelle now smh.”

“Damn I thought this was K Michelle at first glance.”

Among the previous remarks, others praised Cole for the general advice she shared on her page. One wrote, “Yessssss C’mon with this TRUTH!!”

Another said, “FACTS, Keyshia!! BE the bigger person when it comes to choosing to be loyal but NEVER allow yourself to be taken for granted either – you are AMAZING.”

A third social media user stated, “This is so true! I’m living it in this moment! Believe It people.”

Despite Cole’s message, the singer didn’t disclose the particular person she was referring to in the post.

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