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‘That’s K. Michelle?’: K. Michelle’s Latest Look Has Fans Shocked Over Her Appearance

K. Michelle‘s recent glam look left fans scratching their heads as they failed to recognize the singer.

The reason behind the confusion was because of the physical difference in her appearance.

K. Michelle’s fans claimed the singer appeared unrecognizable as she showed off her new glam look. Photo:@kmichellemusic/Instagram

In the Instagram post shared on Monday, Oct. 25, Michelle, seen wearing light makeup, informed her followers in the caption that she is going for a subtle look by rocking a ponytail and lip gloss. She wrote, “IDC,IDC i’m not combing My hair today. Some lip gloss and ponytail for the win.”

As Michelle’s post went viral, many pointed out that the star didn’t look like herself, although a handful didn’t disclose in the comments what the difference was.

“She’s gorgeous but man… I would NEVA guess that was K Michelle.”

“Every time I see her on the internet she has a completely different look. Sheesh.”

“I almost didn’t recognize her.”

“You don’t look the same. You were already very attractive and now you are STILL very attractive you just look so young.”

“That’s K.Michelle?”

Before-and-after photo of K. Michelle in 2017 (left) to 2021 (right) Photo:@kmichellemusic/Instagram

In addition to the physical difference remarks, others mentioned her lip size. One wrote, “She did her lips?” Another said, “That lip chile.” An Instagram user claimed the only reason the singer posted this upload was to show off what supposedly are new lips for her. That person stated, “Girl if you wanted to show us your lip injections, Just say that!!”

In August, Michelle opened up about the changes in her physical appearance after she was accused of surgically enhancing her looks. The former reality star said in a tweet shared on Aug. 13 that the sole reason why she looks different is because she’s healthier.

“Yeah I know,I look different. I look better healthier than ever. I was down bad, some didn’t want me to get it back together.Ok now the face lift lies are getting old,
I know it kills your soul,but God guided them doctors hands so that means he was in control BARSSSSS.”

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