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‘I’m Going to Continue to Work My A– Off’: Bow Wow Hits Back at Criticism After Winning Billboard Music Award, Fans Jump to His Defense

Bow Wow expressed plans to retire since his elimination on the music competition series “The Masked Singer.” Shortly afterward, the rapper went on yet another widely successful tour with R&B singer Omarion. The nostalgic “Millennium Tour” invites early 2000s music lovers to enjoy performances from the rap-R&B duo, as well as Sammie, Soulja Boy, Lloyd, Ashanti and more.

For their combined efforts, Omarion and Bow Wow won “Best Rap Tour” at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards that aired Sunday, May 15. “Amazing,” said Bow Wow about his win in a video captured by The Neighborhood Talk. “Amazing.”

I?m Going to Continue to Work My A-- Off': Bow Wow Hits Back at Criticism After Winning Billboard Music Award, Fans Jump to His Defense
Shad “Bow Wow” Moss poses on a jet. (Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram.)

Many would assume fans would sing praises and give the “Basketball” rapper his flowers for still hitting the stage 20 years later. Instead, apparently there was chitter-chatter from people questioning how Bow Wow and Omarion won over Lil Baby’s Back Outside Tour and J. Cole’s. Off-Season Tour.

One person said, “How the f–k Bow Wow & Omarion win over J. Cole over best rap tour?!” Another said, “Omarion and Bow Wow winning best rap tour is comical in so many different ways.”

Speaking directly to the critics, Bow said, “I’m going to continue to work my a– off. The word relevant don’t bother me, ’cause I don’t know how n—as even put that word with me. Because relevancy to me means what are you for me right now? What are you doing right now?”

He continued, “I guess if you ask me that question, I’ll tell you…I don’t know; I’m just winning mother—-in Billboard awards; that’s what I’m doing in 2022. And we gon’ continue to do that sh-t.”

The “Thank You” rapper then expressed his appreciation for his fans and supporters before adding, “This is only the beginning. This award is bigger than me; it’s bigger than the boy O.”

Bow’s first Billboard Music Award came from his 2001 single “Bow Wow (That’s My Name),” which won Rap Single of the Year. The track was included on his debut album, “Beware of Dog,” which also featured staples like “Bounce With Me” and “Puppy Love.”

Despite the success of the 2021 tour, fans recall Bow airing out his frustrations during a hasty Instagram Live in October 2021. At one point in the video, the Ohio native said  “I don’t dance. I’m a rapper who just so happens to act.” He also implied that he had a more serious work ethic than his tour mates.

He continued, “Who the best performer on The Millennium Tour? I know what I read. Who? Y’all saw L.A. Y’all saw Detroit. Y’all saw Baltimore. Who? Me. Me. This ain’t — this facts. Me. Me. I watch the show every f—–g night. Who gotta pop up and give y’all that work? Every night.”

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