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‘I’ve Had Enough’: Bow Wow Complains About Treatment While on Millennium Tour, Omarion Seemingly Responds

Bow Wow has a lot to say about how things are going on the Millennium Tour, but not everyone appears to agree. 

In the early hours of Saturday, Oct. 16, the “Let Me Hold You” rapper took to his Twitter account, where he aired out his frustrations over his involvement in the musical event which features a plethora of 2000s artists, including Omarion, the Ying Yang Twins, Ashanti, Pretty Ricky, Soulja Boy, and more. 

Bow Wow (left) complains about treatment while on Millennium Tour, Omarion (right) seemingly responds. (Photos: @shadmoss/Instagram, @omarion/Instagram)

Bow, whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss, believes he’s pulling most of the weight. During his online venting session, which ultimately spilled over to his Instagram Live, the 34-year-old revealed that there was “too much b-tching and complaining on this tour!”

He added, “Im bussn cats asses EVERY NIGHT! Every night they try and complain and take something away from me! I give 1000% and yall know it! ATL I HOPE YALL SHOW TOGETHER! IMA BUSS YALL ASS FOR 45 mins straight! TRY ME!”

Elsewhere the “Like Mike” actor warned that “This might be my last whole! ….”, later claiming that “I’ve had enough.” Bow’s grievances appear to be stemming from issues he’s having with stage time. In another post, uploaded roughly 9:30 Saturday morning, the rapper explained “the truth!”

“I do 15 min EVERY NIGHT! I cant even do my full songs,” he alleged. “AND I STILL BE BUSTING FOLKS ASS! think the fans dont complain about my set being 15 mins? Only way i show up tonight if i do my full set! Straight up!”

Things got even more hectic after Bow hopped over to Instagram to continue his tirade. There, the “Like You” emcee claimed he’s been doing this since he was a 5-year-old and without naming anyone in particular said no one prepares for a show like he does. Bow crowned himself the “best performer on the Millenium Tour,” claiming “I invented this whole wave.” He added. “This is my tour now.”

It’s unclear what triggered Bow’s meltdown, however, Omarion clarified whose tour it was when responding to an Instagram post from Atlanta’s State Farm Arena on Friday, which read, “Almost 20 years ago, @shadmoss took the Phillips Arena stage and TOMORROW he is coming back with @omarion for The Millennium Tour 2021!”

State Farm Arena hypes the appearance of Bow Wow at the Atlanta venue. @statefarmarena/Instagram

“Actually he’s coming with me but you got it @statefarmarena we will be there tomorrow,” the former B2K member wrote. The kerfuffle was shared across blog sites where other members of the tour, including Soulja Boy, seemingly addressed the issue. “Nothing too see here lil Pee we had too much casamigos last night,” the rapper joked. 

As of now, Bow is still set to appear for the remaining leg of the tour. 

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