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‘It’s Different When It’s Them Daughters’: Diddy Gets Flustered After Learning His Daughters Could Be Dating

Sean “Diddy” Combs is not ready for his daughters to start dating. The media mogul and father of six talked about his teenage daughters during his 18th appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday, May 18.

Chance, 15, and twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James, 15, accompanied their hip-hop dad to the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday, May 15. The 52-year-old became flustered when Ellen proposed that his daughters already had boyfriends. 

He said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…No, they’re not…they better not be dating right now.”

It's Different When It's Them Daughters': Diddy Gets Flustered After Learning His Daughters Could Be Dating
Diddy with his daughters (froom lft) Chance, D’Lila Star, and Jessie James. @the_combs_twins/Instagram

Ellen jokingly noted that the girls were at that age “when you start being interested” in dating and relationships.  “I didn’t know that,” Diddy replied with a look of shock on his face.

Diddy’s facial expression left the audience in stitches. When asked what age he began dating and the Love Records founder said, “I was wild. I was different. I was from a whole ‘nother time.”

The “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” artist turned to the crowd and asked what age girls begin dating. He assumed the appropriate age is 17 but was taken aback when fans yelled out 14.

“Oh my God,” said Diddy. He was very adamant that his daughters “don’t have any boyfriends.”

The Grammy winner’s interview made it onto Spiritual Word’s Instagram page, where fans in the comments shared their hilarious responses.

“Diddy was all sorts of confused!!!”

 “It’s different when it’s them daughters huh?”

“He finna go check their phones after this interview.”

“If he think they aren’t dating at 17, he trippin. He probably just don’t know.”

“Every man in America with daughters…”

Many made jokes about Diddy’s typical “dad response,” while a handful brought up his history of dating younger women such as R&B singer Cassie and rumored bae City Girls rapper Yung Miami.

One person said, “U was dating Cassie when she was 17 tho but ok lol.” Another said, “Did stop it… cause not u and the younging Caresha!!!!”

A third individual said, “The way Diddy has done women praying for the young girls because it’s definitely gonna come back on him one way or another.”

Others felt Diddy should have applied the same rules to his biological sons, Justin Combs, 28, and Christian Combs, 24, and stepson, Quincy Brown, 30.

One person said, “That’s insane, bc if that was his sons he’d have a totally different response..” Another said, “But I bet his sons can date. If they can’t date at that age, the boys can’t either.”

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