‘Legs for Days’: Reginae Carter’s ‘Bawdy’ Leaves Fans ‘Stuck’

Reginae Carter has made quite a few headlines over her body, including over how the reality star maintains her curvy physique. 

In the past, Carter ultimately revealed that working out with a personal trainer, having a balanced diet and a consistent exercise routine helped her drop the unwanted weight. Carter’s workout regime would consist of, among other things, boxing, push sled and box jumps.

Legs for Days': Reginae Carter?s ?Bawdy? Leaves Fans ?Stuck?
Reginae Carter’s body overshadows her hair video as she flaunts her new hairdo. Photo:@reginaecarter/Instagram

Although it is unclear if the 23-year-old continues to use the exercise regime in her present-day life, that didn’t stop fans from fawning over her toned figure in a recent hair post. On May 14, Carter, who wore black and white, was seen showing off her freshly installed tresses as she posed for the camera. 

The video also included close-up angles of Carter’s abs and legs as Big Boss Vette’s single “Snatched” blared in the background. Alongside the upload, Carter shouted out celebrity stylist Jonathan Wright in the caption. 

She wrote, “I got the wig slayer to do me a quick weave @iam_jonathan_.” Following the post, Wright commented, “Had to give Freeennnn them inchessssss.” As fans viewed the video, many brought up Carter’s body. The comments ranged from how fit the model is to a couple of individuals complimenting her legs. 

“Come through body.”

“Reginae i don’t even see your hair. That bawdy has me stuck.”

“Baby girl has that summer body snatched you hear me!!!!”

“She gotta run track baby them legs”

“Those legs though.”

“Beautiful girl you got legs for days.”

In addition to the praise, others mentioned how the cameraperson captured the perfect angles in Carter’s video. One wrote, “Cameraperson is on point with the angles.” Another said, “Cameraperson, with the angles and the way they gas her up too, I love it.”

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