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‘Some of You Are Having Some Trouble’: Macy Gray Gets Fans Together After They Struggle with Her Dance Challenge

Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Macy Gray is back with a new song and a new dance challenge which she has been promoting on the popular social media platform TikTok. However, after hearing some of her fans had difficulties with some choreography, the 54-year-old returned with a hilarious tutorial to help let her supporters out. 

“Every Night” is the latest single from Gray and The California Jet Club and rapper Maino since the release of her 2021 EP “Save Some.” Hoping on the video-based platform this week, the Ohio native shared that she loved seeing everyone do the dance, which required participants to take two steps to the right, two to the left, and once more to the right before swaying their hips to either side and starting the dance over again. 

?Some of You Are Having Some Trouble?: Macy Gray Gets Fans Together After They Struggle with Her Dance Challenge
UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 28: Macy Gray arrives at NBC’s ‘American Song Contest’ Week 2 Red Carpet at Universal Studios Hollywood on March 28, 2022 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

“The reality is our TikTok dance by Macy Gray, and The California Jet Club is going crazy on TikTok, everybody’s one like, ‘Finally, I dance that I can do.’ But I realize some of you are having some troubles, so I’m going to do a little tutorial for you right now,” the singer began.

“One to the left and two to the right,” she said as she directed her virtual class. “Back to the left. Now, round the world … round the world … now back to the left. Back to the righ t… keep to the right … hands up on the camera,” she continued before walking off from view.

Fans in the comments section appeared relieved to receive the extra help, including one excited fan who wrote, “Macy gray is so freaking awesome! There is no one like her! I love this dance like she said…. something I can DO!”

Another person commented, “Let me grab my tap shoes, I’m on it.”

“I love this because I have 2 left feet!” quipped a third user. “You kept it easy for me.” A seemingly still confused person joked, “Just tried it….and that ‘round the world’ move got me off the beat. How can I course correct?”

Gray initially performed the song during an episode of “American Song Contest” last March, while representing her home state of Ohio. She performed along with Maino, a band, and a gospel choir of 16 female singers, all sporting Gray’s signature hairdo.  

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