‘Suck a Big Fat One’: Macy Gray Has a ‘Message’ to Those Criticizing Her Rendition of the National Anthem 

Macy Gray took to TikTok on March 8 to express how she felt toward social media users leaving negative comments on her page regarding her national anthem performance.

Gray, who sang her rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner“ last month at the NBA All-Star Game, informed her followers in the caption that she has a special “message” for those trolls.

Macy Gray sends a message to the people who criticized her rendition of the national anthem.Photo:@macygrayofficial/TikTok

She wrote, “message to those leaving negative comments about the anthem.” Alongside the caption, the Grammy Award winner told the naysayers in an 18-second recording, “All I can say to y’all is, honestly, go suck it, you know what I mean. Suck a big fat one. You can lick my pinky toe.”

The video wraps up with Gray raising her middle finger in the camera frame and telling the social media users to choose their preferred option of the list she provided. The 54-year-old said, “Introduce you to my finger, you know whichever you like.”

As Gray’s clip circulated online, many fans stood up for the singer. The said individuals stated that they couldn’t understand why she was being criticized for her tone.

“They still talking about this! Y’all must be young cause that’s how she sings.”

“I saw nothing wrong with it, her voice always been like that on everything she sung.”

“If you know @macygray you knew this was classic her. It’s a shame people don’t respect artistry.”

“Young a– kids talking. Anybody that knows Macy Gray’s music knows that’s how she sings. Wouldn’t have become famous if it wasn’t unique to some major music execs.”

“Omg, I hate that this new culture we are all unwilling participants in entering into do not value being individuals like we so claim to want to be. Why make fun of her? She been on this. Its her.”

Gray shared the extended version of the same video earlier this week on her Instagram page.

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