‘Not Us Getting Schooled by a 10-Year-Old’: Bow Wow and Joie Chavis’ Daughter Shai Moss Dominates the ‘I Like’ Dance Challenge 

For years, Joie Chavis and Bow Wow‘s daughter Shai Moss has showcased time and time again her love for dancing on her social media page. The 10-year-old has participated in numerous TikTok challenges with her mother or friends.

On April 12, Moss, who decided to take the solo route, took on the “I Like” TikTok dance challenge. The trend, which includes Guy’s 1989 hit single “I Like,” incorporates various arm gestures as the individual stands in a stationary position.

Bow Wow and Joie Chavis’ daughter Shai Moss takes on the “I Like” TikTok dance challenge. Photo:@_shaimoss/Instagram

The movements included Moss touching her head and swaying her arms from side to side. In the clip, Moss is seen doing the challenge in what appears to be her bathroom as Chavis watches in the background. The video ends with Moss’ mother sliding into the camera frame as the beat drops. 

In addition to the recording, Moss expressed in the caption that she participated in the trend because she wanted to show her followers the right way to do the challenge. She wrote, “Y’all doing it wrong but go on.”

As Moss’ video circulated online, many voiced their honest opinion in the comments section. The remarks ranged from a handful of people mentioning how Moss dominated the dance while several individuals responded to her caption. 

“Lol she said lemme show you how its really done.”

“She said stop playing with the routine, get it together.”

“Yesss baby teach em cause they out here looking bad and wrong.”

“Not us getting schooled by a 10-year-old.”

“When talent enters the chat go off Shai.”

Among the previous comments, others brought up Chavis and Moss’ bond. One wrote, while mentioning Chavis’ admiration for her daughter, “It’s the way Joie standing there admiring her baby for me.”

Another said, “Showing mama how it’s done. I just love the relationship between them. But trust J is going to get it down pack.” A third Instagram user wrote, “@joiechavis You Two Are Just Soooo Authentic And Move So Effortlessly. I Love The Bond.”

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