‘It’s the Protect Your Energy at All Cost for Me’: Ashanti Shares an Inspirational Message to Her Fans 

This past year alone has been a monumental one for Ashanti.

The singer celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut album and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On May 3, Ashanti decided to shift gears from her busy schedule and reflect on the lessons she’s learned so far.

Ashanti offers fans advice on protecting your energy. Photo:@ashanti/Instagram

In an Instagram post, the 41-year-old, who is seen sitting on the stairs of a plane, disclosed the importance of protecting one’s energy. She wrote, “I like to mind my business, eat fruits and salads, and drink water. Sometimes ya gotta accept that some people don’t have good intentions.. and everybody is not a ‘good person’ with a ‘good heart.'”

Ashanti, who has made headlines for her bikini and vacation posts, added, “Protect your energy at all costs, and remember to always ascend.” Upon viewing Ashanti’s upload, fans expressed how they agreed with the star’s message. The comments ranged from many praising Ashanti to several people thanking her for the reminder.

“It’s the protect ya energy at all cost for me.”

“Always ascend Baby this caption is everything! Love you Shanti.”

“Absolutely true, I agree with you 100% percent.”

“Thank you for the reminder i’m going through it.”

“Needed this reminder, thank you.”

In addition to the positive responses, others shared their own stories relating to Ashanti’s post. One mentioned they learned “a long time ago” to stop having expectations for other people.

That person wrote, “Learned this a long time ago! Stop expecting a “you” out of others! They’ll let you down every time!” Another said, “You attract what you are… people with bad intentions will one day see them come into their lives… stay focused.”

A third Instagram user stated, “Mother f–g facts. Well said!!! Cuz I came across lots of em!!!!” Despite the well-received message, it is unclear if Ashanti was addressing anyone in particular in the post.

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